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IT Architecture Modernization

Migrate from a monolithic legacy system to a loosely coupled software architecture by applying APIs and Microservices.

We Help You
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Understand the Modernization Options at Hand 

If you are at a loss trying to move away from heavy legacy systems, we help you understand the scenarios available for your business model. To help you pick the most beneficial roadmap, our experts conduct an analytical session, so that you could make an informed decision.

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Introduce and benefit from DevOps Philosophy  

We present you the high-level recommendations on the release process and CI/CD pipeline improvements that can be further executed either by your IT team or by our engineers. Our expert advice is tailored to your goals and accounts for potential constraints related to the changes. 

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Have a 3-dimensional Snapshot of your Enterprise

We take a close-up look at your data, code, and product as well as analyze the relationship among them. After, you will have the vision and scope of the desired architecture upgrade. Infopulse supplements the study with project cost estimates and a detailed plan for the concept phase. 

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Weigh on the Chosen Solutions & Reduce Costs  

We create and test a PoC to evaluate the potential impact to lower production risks in the future. If you decide to go beyond a simple upgrade, we assist your team with complex architecture modernization to speed up the solution implementation and reduce the development budget. 


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Service Packages

Preliminary Analysis
Detailed Analysis
Proof of Concept

3 weeks

4-8 weeks

Depends on scope

Proposal, vision, and plan for the detailed analysis 

Technical proposal and architecture vision 

Audit report with a review workshop 

A high-level vision of the required solutions 

Validation and evaluation of the solutions 

Scaling solutions to production systems 

Additional services on demand:

Database Modernization

Code Modernization  

8/5 or 24/7 Support 

Technical workshops 

End-users training 

Facilitation of technical retrospectives 

Root cause analysis

Case Studies


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