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Security Assessment

Custom security audits to identify organizations’ weaknesses and advise on remediations. We rely on the industry’s best practices, standards, and methodologies to assess your security posture.

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Identify Critical Weaknesses

Reduce security-related business risks with a complex audit of your security landscape. Infopulse helps you identify areas to improve and provides actionable insights to alleviate discovered weaknesses.

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Optimize IT Budgets

Cut down expenses by reducing excessive solutions and reallocating resources where you need them. The security audit allows for better prioritization and advanced budget planning as opposed to ad hoc fixes.

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Ensure Data Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements and secure sensitive data with Infopulse cybersecurity assessment services. We help you evaluate whether your security posture complies with global standards and best security practices.

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Protect Your Reputation

Establish trust towards your business from customers and partners by demonstrating impeccable security. Complex security audits allow averting potential incidents and preventing financial and reputational losses.

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Develop Contingency Plans

Turn security insights, generated by a security assessment, into an actionable plan. Our experts help create comprehensive security strategy and backup & disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

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Strengthen Security Policies and Procedures

Reconsider cybersecurity processes to boost your overall security posture. Infopulse experts review and update your company’s policies and procedures to establish a robust security landscape.

Service Categories

Risk Assessment

Anticipate potential security incidents before they become a tangible threat. Our experts carry out an end-to-end security risk assessment, employing proven tools and methodologies to compile a report on found risks. We utilize CRAMM risk analysis that corresponds to British Standard Institution recommendations and methodology or apply similar approaches that evaluate information security risks, using the Impact (Severity) and Likelihood (Complexity) parameters.

Risk Treatment

Rectify your IT weaknesses with a custom risk management plan. Our security specialists tailor a risk treatment plan, outline the development of risk treatment measures, and estimate the budget, equipping you with a comprehensive strategy that will boost your security. To achieve the ultimate result, Infopulse helps to integrate this plan with your existing cybersecurity system.

Security Process Audits

Establish efficient business operations with security process audits – systematic evaluation of your information system security. We will assess the existing security processes against various standards and industry-specific regulations, such as ISO, GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc., and measure the performance of your information system against a defined set of criteria. Infopulse also helps create repeatable and updateable security audit plans.

Penetration Testing

Verify your IT systems security in action with pentesting and red teaming – a curated simulated cyberattack. Our experts develop attack vectors & scenarios and define dozens of test parameters to ensure we discover all potential threats. To provide you with a detailed verified report, we apply industry best practices and utilize hundreds of pentesting tools, such as Acunetix, Colasoft Packet Builder, DNSstuff, Fiddler, and others.

Security Testing of Source Code

Detect any imperfections in your code before it goes to production. Security testing and code review of the source code allows discovering vulnerabilities and design flaws, conveniently gathered in a holistic report, while providing feedback to developers to promptly fix occurring issues. Make your software product unsusceptible to attacks with Infopulse cyber security assessment services.

Vulnerability Assessment

Manage technical vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and applications with an in-depth assessment of your assets. Infopulse specialists evaluate your defensive security posture to uncover weaknesses, create a prioritized list of actions, and provide expert guidance on patching vulnerabilities to avoid unauthorized access and prevent breaches.


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