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Enable digital change and build robust solutions to strengthen your market positioning, delight existing users, and get more profits. Create people-centric web apps & systems with an industry leader.

We Help You
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Boost Performance & Increase Profitability

Infopulse experts have the necessary expertise to help you be closer to your end-users in today’s hyper-connected realm. We build user-friendly web applications that drive tangible changes for your business.

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Double the Number of Web Users

Our team can bring more users on board with a smart design. By developing web applications that augment your mobile apps, we equip brands with the digital tools necessary to stay market-relevant at all times.

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Redefine Existing Legacy Systems & Solutions

Create sleek and modern web apps with our professionals and go forward with the innovative technology we offer. We help businesses revive outdated apps with web applications that transform their operations.

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Go Global & Scale Internationally

Infopulse builds lightweight web apps, showcasing your products and services and helping you engage with a wider audience. Use the opportunity to multiply your revenue streams by going internationally.

Service Categories

Assessment, Workshop & Discovery

If you want to improve an application, Infopulse can help you assess business requirements, analyze product features, code, and architecture. In case you have considered different types of web applications but have no idea how to create your own app from scratch, we conduct an in-depth workshop to get you started. During the discovery process, Infopulse experts go deeper with requirements analysis – we verify acceptance criteria, determine advanced architecture, and produce the project and test plans.

UX/UI Design

Create high-end web applications with intuitive and responsive design that resonates with your end-users. We study the specific needs of your target audience and research your niche to build an appealing web app. Our designers add a personal touch to any project, making your web app stand out from the competition. Infopulse can create an engaging product to help you achieve higher user satisfaction through an exceptional digital experience.


If you plan to build web-based applications, Infopulse can help you test the waters and develop Proof of Concept or create an MVP to validate the idea of your future app. On top of that, we can conduct a comprehensive custom application discovery, helping you define its benefits and drawbacks, and testing its core functionality. Finally, our team equips you with scope and vision documentation.

Full-cycle Web App Development

Benefit from full-cycle web development services by Infopulse – from idea to a full-featured app with 24/7 support and maintenance. We work on turnkey projects of varying complexity, using the latest technologies and frameworks. Our engineers can implement different kinds of application architecture, including microservices, serverless, headless, cloud-native, or progressive web apps.

Quality Assurance

To validate that your app performance is smooth and meets end-user expectations, we run tests to produce a bug-free product. Using an end-to-end testing approach, Infopulse helps businesses from different domains offer seamless user journey by conducting:

  • automated and manual testing
  • performance, installation, and usability testing
  • compatibility and cross-browser testing, etc.

If you want to orchestrate the entire IT infrastructure, Infopulse can seamlessly integrate a newly made web app with your environments and systems. If you have a ready-made web app, we can connect it to the existing ecosystem with tailor-made APIs to guarantee that your system runs without any disruptions. Building web applications with our team, you get robust products that offer users a frictionless experience and enhance your business operations.

Support & Optimization

We help you take the extra workload off your support and development teams, freeing their time to concentrate on more strategic business and product development tasks. Beyond that, our engineers know the ways to align and enforce the collaboration among different levels of support to enhance overall product management processes. Infopulse optimizes existing IT systems, adding new functionality on demand so that you can keep up with market trends and user demands.

Legacy Apps Modernization

Strengthen your market positioning with web app development and get rid of legacy technologies that no longer add value to your business growth or even hamper it. Reengineer the outdated web apps with Infopulse, using innovative technologies and modern frameworks. Together, we can:

  • Speed up time-to-market with CI/CD processes
  • Improve web app maintainability by upgrading your product tech stack
  • Accelerate digital transition with innovation

Our Expertise

Enterprise Web Applications

Our team can develop enterprise-grade web apps to help you mitigate business-critical challenges and optimize internal business workflows. Infopulse also opts for low-code app development platforms, such as ServiceNow and Microsoft Power Apps, offering our clients a quick and intuitive application development toolset to create robust custom server-side and client-side apps.

Web Portals

Connect information from different sources by showcasing it on a sleek portal, using web 2.0 applications. Infopulse builds portals with sophisticated functionality to manage stakeholders and projects efficiently, create events, upload assets, share ideas, and foster meaningful discussions among your employees. We can integrate translation tools to keep every member across borders in the loop.

Customer-facing Apps

Reinforce the critical touchpoints between your business and customers, getting closer to your end-user with web application development. At Infopulse, we create customer-facing apps of different complexity and help you establish and nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers. The solutions we build help businesses streamline user journeys, connect with their target audiences, and get better brand exposure.


We use the latest web platforms capabilities and modern frameworks, creating visually appealing eCommerce systems. Our team executes both traditional and headless eCommerce projects. We help you to smoothly transition from offline to online or headless eCommerce and benefit from:

  • IT infrastructure resilience
  • Scalability of online operations
  • Innovative sales channels and strategies
Banking & Financial Apps

Infopulse uses digital technologies and innovations to enable banks to be efficient and agile. We help financial institutions strengthen KYC procedures and streamline routine operations, leverage digital banking capabilities and improve scoring systems. With the help of web apps, our FinServ clients boost loan management and enhance internal communications via custom intranet solutions. 

Healthcare Apps

With properly designed web apps, you can smoothen patients’ experience and ease up the daily tasks of medical professionals. We can help you develop healthcare apps that simplify online appointment scheduling, improve access to electronic records, ensure the security of bill payments, and allow users to reach medical specialists from the comfort of their homes.

Digital Manufacturing Apps

Infopulse can create manufacturing web systems, allowing businesses to analyze data in near real-time. We enable direct communication and seamless connection between freight forwarders and consigners.

Our web applications help businesses enhance manufacturing consistency and goods traceability by automating data gathering and consolidating business processes.

Logistics Apps

Our expertise in supply chain and consumer packaged goods helps us implement forward-looking web-based applications. We can build robust logistics management platforms that enable:

  • Direct communication and contracts between stakeholders
  • Seamless logistics and workflow
  • Integrated real-time online cargo tracking
  • Availability across the web and mobile platforms
Telecom Apps

Infopulse can build KYC systems to help conduct due diligence and account for risks associated with customer identity. We create instruments that suit complex traffic management needs, covering numerous global suppliers. Our robust web apps equip telcos with business process automation and collaboration tools, knowledge sharing systems, sophisticated appraisal tools, and market data portals.

Data Analytics & Reporting Apps

By automating time-consuming and resource-heavy analytics and reporting, we help companies deal with routine tasks. Our experts can replace manual, fault-prone processeswith efficient solutions that reduce overhead costs and boost the quality of operations. If you have your reporting capabilities scattered across different systems, we can help you with consolidation, creating a single platform for all your reporting needs.    

Marketing Automation Software

Upgrading sales and marketing functions becomes easy with a reliable vendor. Our engineers can build user-friendly marketing automation platforms with a range of features to enhance both inbound and outbound marketing. We create apps that help automate business workflows, conduct behavior-triggered campaigns, maximize engagement with 1:1 marketing, integrated user profiles, and dynamic lifecycle management.

Coaching & Consulting Apps

We help coaches and consultants get personal with their customers through web app development. Infopulse builds comprehensive consulting platforms, helping businesses deliver an exceptional user experience. We can create web-based desktop apps with adaptive mobile versions and in-app live chat functionalities, integrate apps with payment systems and data analytics platforms, and much more. 


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