Mobile Development Assessment Service Packages by Infopulse

Mobile Development Assessment

Assess your ideas, jumpstart your mobile development project, and/or test Infopulse as your long-term service partner before engaging in full-scale development.

We Help You
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Reengineer Existing Apps

Get rid of malfunctions in your mobile application, with Infopulse’s help. By exploring the bottlenecks that hinder app usability, we rebuild the existing application, solving the performance issues.

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Build a Mobile App from Scratch

If you plan to add a mobile screen to extend your brand visibility but have doubts as to where to start, we can assist you with platform and technology choices. We also help you define the minimum viable set of features that must be delivered to the end-users.

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Upgrade an App with New Functionality

Whenever your existing app needs a major update to add some complex functionality, we can help you with this challenge. Our team will also create the required documentation to guarantee a minimal learning curve and a smooth user experience.

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Go Global with an International App

Planning to expand your business internationally and grow your brand presence across borders? We know how to make your application feel local for the users. Our team ensures the smooth integration of an app with existing IT infrastructure in any geography and culture.


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Service Packages

Mobile Application Assessment
Mobile Application Workshop
  • 2 days on-site or remotely
  • 2 weeks for processing deliverables
  • 3 days on-site or remotely
  • 2 weeks for processing deliverables
  • 3 days on-site or remotely
  • 2 weeks for processing deliverables
Infopulse team composition 
  • Principal Consultant
  • UX Specialist
  • Business Analys
  • Principal Consultant
  • UX Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Architect
  • Principal Consultant
  • UX Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Architect

Analysis of:

  • Business requirements
  • UX artifacts
  • Product metrics

Consulting, analysis & workshop:

  • Interview with Business stakeholders
  • Defining requirements, user goals, MVP scope definition
  • Documentation

In addition to the Workshop activities, we provide: 

  • Interviewing and surveying the target group representatives
  • Defining in-depth product requirements
  • Defining Advanced Architecture
  • Comprehensive UX prototyping (with additional verification steps)
  • Assessment report with Gap Analysis
  • Improvements roadmap and proposal

UX artifacts: 

User Personas, high-level user journey, interactive prototype

Product Requirements artifacts:

  • Scope and vision document
  • Backlog with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the Epics abstraction level

Architecture artifacts:

Technical implementation report 

General documents: 

Development proposal 

UX artifacts:

User Personas, User Journey, interactive prototype, information architecture

Product Requirements artifacts: 

  • Scope and vision document
  • Backlog with MVP on high-level User Story abstraction level

Architecture artifacts: 

Software Architecture Documentation 

General documents: 

Development proposal 

Case Studies


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