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Build cutting-edge native and cross-platform mobile solutions with an industry leader to boost your brand loyalty, enhance customer experience, and explore unique monetization opportunities.

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Start Small to Leap Further

Unlock mobile-first concept, offering superior UX. Begin your design journey from the smallest screen. Starting small guarantees that your users' interaction with the solution is flawless across all screens.

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Leverage Cross-platform Approach

Use your resources wisely with 2-in-1 code for Android & iOS apps. We offer you one source of code, quicker development, and hassle-free testing. No need to invest significant capital to kick off your project.

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Steer Clear of the Most Common Issues

Build an engaging app, skipping a bumpy road. At Infopulse, we follow a unified mobile development strategy. We guide you through the industries’ best practices and standards, offering top user experience.

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Enhance Performance with Native Technologies

Rip the benefits of deeper integration with native device functions. If your next project is a complex native app, featuring integrations with the device hardware, e.g., sound or geolocation, we have got you covered.

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Succeed with Our Industry Expertise

Along with expert mobile app developers, our track record of hundreds of successfully delivered mobile apps speaks for itself. We make sure you have a clear view and full control over the development process.

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Boost Business Agility

With efficient management and communications practices, we transform your approach to daily operations. Our solutions offer real-time insights into corporate data, connecting your office and frontline workers.

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Simplify Complex Ideas

Translating app requirements into robust solutions is what we do for our clients. Our team helps you deal with a variety of specific challenges, defining project scope, troubleshooting UI/UX, and rescuing margins.

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Ensure Security & Compliance

Compliance with industry standards (GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.) and Security-by-design are embedded into our product design approach. We help you tackle regulatory challenges, building resilient mobile applications.

What We Do

Enterprise Mobility apps 

Infopulse builds enterprise-grade applications, integrating them with your IT infrastructure and databases. Our guides, planners, and team management apps add an extra layer of efficiency to large company management. Beyond that, we create complex enterprise workspaces, including apps for field workers, who are often on the move.  

Encrypted Messaging apps 

Our engineers build secure messengers, using different approaches to help you cope with the privacy and security of online communication.  

We can help you create modern instant messaging apps with voice chats and calls and end-to-end encryption so that your users’ personal information is protected. 

Healthcare & Insurance apps 

Medical applications for patients and doctors help orchestrate complex hospital settings, where the demand for the urgency of services can be extremely high. Telehealth and mHealth mobile apps redefine user experience helping patients easily access their personal data and medical history while assisting doctors with appointment management and treatment control.  

Banking & Finance apps 

We bring digital technologies and innovation to the highly regulated BFS sector, building applications that connect users with banking systems. Our expertise in digital and mobile banking includes:  

  • Mobile omnicomponent e-Banking apps
  • Multi-layer mobile security
  • Contactless NFC payment systems
Navigation & Logistics apps 

Our experts resolve the modern-day issues of logistics, helping freight forwarders and 3PL providers lower costs and increase efficiency with apps for cargo delivery and warehouse management. Infopulse can help you with controls over vehicle tracking, dispatches and routes optimization, and delivery time reduction. Car-as-a-Service apps also fall within our subject-matter expertise. 

BI & Big Data apps 

There is only an instant from data to an actionable insight if you have the right tools in place. Our applications with smart charts and dashboards help executives make informed data-driven decisions using intelligent instruments that aggregate and connect multiple data sources.  Infopulse creates smart solutions to analyze noisy data and harness the power of underlying details to help your business grow. 

Entertainment & Social Media apps 

Our team brings innovation to the media world, creating social networking apps, AR/VR native apps for iOS & Android as well as mobile applications for sports events. Infopulse can help your entertainment business use the power of algorithms to spot and analyze behavioral patterns, sharpen your focus, and increase your active user base. 

AR & VR / IoT apps 

Apps that create a real-world-like user experience and connect to smart wearables, houses, and cars is what we are passionate about.  

Bringing technology to your fingertips, we build intelligent solutions. Our team works with both trailblazers and established businesses that have innovative ideas. 

Wearable tech 

Our company can help you scale your business through wearable technology. Whether you plan to create activity trackers, entertainment, health monitoring and control, or any other wearable solutions, Infopulse is on board to assist you with design and development. On top of that, we team up with large corporations to build enterprise-level wearable solutions. 

Service Categories

Core Mobile Development Services 

If you have a daring idea to create a native iOS or Android application that requires complex logic and process webs, we are 100% in to help you out with your brainchild, offering our expertise.  

In case you choose to go for an application with a more or less simple flow and want to have the best of both worlds, Infopulse can assist with cross-platform, hybrid, or web/PWA app design and development, too. 

Technical Assessment 

Here, we will single out and fix any issues that might impede your app performance and user experience. Our team conducts a detailed evaluation of business and technical requirements, and assesses functionality, making sure your product reflects them. As the output, you will have an in-depth report, containing the data on the current state of the app, malfunctions found, suggestions on improvements, and the ways to implement them.  

UI/UX Prototyping 

Together, we sail through UI/UX, helping you create screens that delight your target audience. User Personas, User Journey, interactive prototype, and information architecture are what we work with. We have already delivered multiple projects of different scales, transforming the usability of mobile apps. Therefore, you will have all our knowledge and expertise at your service to build eye-catching engaging apps.  

MVP Development 

We turn your idea into a usable and useful initial offering that has core features you can build upon further. The Infopulse team helps you create a working product, so you can learn more about your end-users while testing your assumptions. Explore your strengths and weaknesses with the MVP launch, benchmarking an initial version of your product. 

Manual & Automated QA  

At Infopulse, we test applications across all the stages of development to guarantee the necessary level of product stability, responsiveness, and reliability. Whether it is manual or automated testing, we perform the required set of tests to ensure a unique approach to your particular case and application development project. 

Security & Vulnerability Assessment

The scope of this service spans across a few essentials that have a direct impact on your app success. On demand, we incorporate biometric authentication to fuel robust cybersecurity. Further, we offer: 

  • Penetration testing of mobile platforms
  • Mobile data encryption both shared and stored
  • Threat and risk assessment
Integration & Support 

At Infopulse, we understand how important it can be to connect a new product to popular services and platforms. We take care of integrations of different complexities to ensure seamless data exchange. 

If you have specific SLAs, we rigorously follow all service aspects to fulfill the requirements during the post-go-live phase.  


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