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Infopulse AWS Center of Excellence provides a holistic suite of managed services, consulting, and custom solutions, empowering businesses with operational resilience, agility, and cost-efficiency.

We Help You
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Gain Access to AWS Expertise

As a certified AWS partner with expert teams of AWS consultants, architects, and engineers, Infopulse offers access to deep AWS expertise, unique experience, and diverse skillsets to address your business needs.

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Facilitate Digital Transformation

Infopulse helps you to take advantage of AWS-based serverless computing, AI & ML, advanced analytics, data lakes, and a myriad of other cutting-edge solutions to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Sustain Business Continuity

Infopulse engineers provide 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, proactive support, robust backup and disaster recovery of your AWS or hybrid environments to rapidly detect and remediate issues that may cause downtimes.

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Improve Business Efficiency & Flexibility

We can design a cloud-native AWS architecture or optimize your infrastructure for anytime-anywhere data accessibility, enhanced collaboration, and unlimited scalability to allow quick adaptability to volatile markets.

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Establish Unmatched Security

From security posture audits to 24/7 managed threat response, Infopulse covers the full spectrum of AWS cloud security domains to safeguard your AWS-based data, accounts, and apps from ever-evolving cyberattacks.

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Optimize Costs

Our experts optimize AWS storage and data transfer costs, eliminate unused AWS services, right-size your resources and review your pricing models to help you control and reduce expenses.

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Drive Value with AWS & DevOps

Embrace DevOps best practices and combine them with AWS capabilities to facilitate infrastructure management and accelerate TTM by rapidly building, testing, and deploying applications on AWS.

What We Do

DevOps on AWS

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your release processes and offer a custom DevOps implementation scenario. Our AWS experts help you establish rapid and continuous IT delivery with key DevOps practices, such as configuration management, CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure-as-code, Kubernetes, serverless computing, and APM.

AWS Landing Zone

Infopulse can support your AWS multi-account strategy by implementing AWS Landing Zone. Our engineers design a multi-account architecture tailored for your business and ensure its ultimate safety with robust identity & access management, SSO, and custom security configurations.

AWS Cloud Migration

Our AWS consulting experts thoroughly analyze your business challenges and strategic objectives to determine a cloud migration strategy that fully aligns with your needs. We offer the implementation of 6 key application migration scenarios, namely re-host, re-platform, re-factor, re-purchase, retire, or retain.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Infopulse provides comprehensive backup and swift disaster recovery services to safeguard your critical AWS resources and exclude possible business disruptions. To address your specific requirements, we offer flexible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) options, ranging from 24 hours to less than 15 minutes.

AWS Cloud Security

Our dedicated cloud security teams deliver top-tier threat detection, intrusion prevention, 24/7 network monitoring, identity & access management, and incident response services to ensure robust protection of your AWS environment.


Entrust us to migrate your SAP systems to AWS with maximum speed and the best business outcomes. Our experts provide first-class SAP on AWS architecture design, implementation, security, and support services. Moreover, as an SAP official Partner, Infopulse offers a holistic suite of value-added SAP consulting and development services.

Hybrid Solution Development

Infopulse helps you build, operate, and sustain complex hybrid environments based on AWS and other public clouds or on-premises infrastructures. To help you thrive in dynamic markets, our experts ensure that the delivered hybrid solution features the required levels of scalability and flexibility.

Our Services

AWS Architecture Consulting

Our AWS cloud architects apply modern technologies and industry best practices to help you build the most effective AWS architecture from scratch or optimize an existing one. We gather and analyze your system requirements, design the architecture, and develop its implementation roadmap with calculated TCO.

DevOps Assessment

With DevOps Assessment, we can help to determine your operational silos and development bottlenecks and eliminate them by leveraging the latest DevOps practices. Our experts implement CI/CD, IaC, automated testing and rollback, app performance monitoring, and other tools combined with AWS to enhance your business agility and competitiveness.

AWS Security Assessment

Our AWS managed services include in-depth analysis of your AWS security posture to identify potential vulnerabilities across infrastructure and provide guidance on how to solve them. With our help, you can establish a robust identity foundation, effectively safeguard all AWS layers, encrypt sensitive data, and rapidly respond to any security incidents.

AWS Cost Optimization Advisory

By implementing the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Infopulse provides comprehensive advisory services to help you achieve ultimate AWS cost-efficiency. We analyze your AWS infrastructure to detect underutilized instances that should be turned off or downsized to avoid extra expenses. Besides, we can increase the elasticity of your resources, optimize storage tiers, and help you choose an optimal pricing model.

Managed AWS Services

Shift the focus to your strategic imperatives by delegating AWS operations to our engineers. As an AWS managed services provider, Infopulse offers a full scope of 24/7 managed AWS services to help you ensure seamless operations, 99.9% infrastructure availability, proactive incident response, and unparalleled security. 

SaaS/IaaS/PaaS Services

Infopulse provides the implementation of IaaS services to facilitate your IT resource management, PaaS services to provide you with a productive development environment, or SaaS services to operate and manage products in the AWS cloud.


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