Computer Vision

Creating digital eyes for your business to generate accurate and meaningful analytics, gain intelligent insights, and provide full visibility into your operations.

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Streamline Processes

Accelerate operational processes many-fold, as fast computers replace protracted visual checks: from production lines and equipment inspection to item tracking and behavior monitoring.

Reduce Possible Threats

Eliminate potential risks and errors with AI-driven algorithms. CV systems ensure failproof operations and seamless performance by minimizing the human factor and introducing automated monitoring systems.

Gather Accurate Data

Achieve high levels of data accuracy thanks to advanced computer vision models and superior cameras. Utilize data to enhance operational processes and create a data-driven business strategy.

Tailor a CV Solution to Your Needs

Find the way to adopt computer vision with maximum benefit. Thanks to its industry-neutral nature, CV systems are applicable to any domain, from plants and banks to healthcare.

Optimize Costs

Cut down maintenance costs with automated operations. CV systems save time for strategic objectives, eliminate faulty production, and reduce equipment failures thanks to automation and predictive maintenance.

Discover New Opportunities

Create competitive advantages for your business with computer vision. With modern technology at hand, you will be able to adjust to the industry evolution, meet the rising customer demands, and stay market relevant.

Service Categories


Get an extensive consultation with Infopulse experts to become familiar with the basics of AI and computer vision technologies. Discover what business challenges it can tackle and determine whether your company requires such a solution.


Learn all the prerequisites to ensure that computer vision technologies meet the particular demands of your business. Infopulse experts conduct an end-to-end analysis, from the physical environment and potential camera installation points to project feasibility.

Solution architecture design

Leverage the capabilities of computer vision with a custom solution architecture. Our experience in numerous domains makes sure that we develop the application infrastructure architecture with industry-specific requirements and business objectives in mind. Infopulse has development centers located within the EU for GDPR-sensitive deliveries.

Integration of the solution

Entrust your visual AI systems to Infopulse’s Dedicated Cognitive Computing Competence Center. Our seasoned experts ensure hassle-free deployment of the solution in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge to fit seamlessly into your business environment and IT infrastructure.

System support

Enable the uninterrupted performance of your AI solution with continuous improvements. Infopulse conducts production environment maintenance and enhances the accuracy of the applied computer vision models to achieve the best possible result.


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