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Engage with us

Flexible Engagement Models

Infopulse works for your comfort and advantage by forwarding scalability and engaging in your choice. We provide different types of engagement models that can be easily mixed depending on the nature of the project and your preferences:

  • Nearshore/Offshore/On-Site Delivery Centers as well as Hybrid Engagements
  • Development and Operation Centers w & w/o Dedicated Teams
  • Single Project and Project Portfolio engagements
  • Time and Material, Fixed Price, Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Salary-based

Clients praise the flexibility of our engagement models, since the following benefits come along: fast ramp up teams, as well as quick scale down (4 weeks) of the capacity, according to client requirements and forecast.

After identifying the area of possible cooperation, we can start the pilot project to show how it works and help you make the right decision.

and your personal account manager will be glad to show you how global sourcing in general and Infopulse in particular can fit the changing requirements of your business.

Key Engagement Models

Time and Material: A team is made available to you to realize a project. You can pick and build your own team with Infopulse – we have the people according to your specifications. The team can be flexibly modified according to your needs. The team is yours to realize your projects.

Such teams are preferable for long-term projects, software publishers, or to build an extension of your own teams.

Fixed Price: In those cases, for which cost can be defined as lump sum for the complete project, using your specifications and whitepapers as a reference, Infopulse can propose to engage in a fixed price mode. A project plan will be shared with you and you will be able to follow up the progress of the project until the delivery date.

Short and well-defined projects are the best candidates for such engagements.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) contains the most important parts of the information on predetermined services and final products: metrics, conditions, standards, responsibilities of both parties, etc. SLA can be easily customized or updated based on your preferences. This type of engagement model ensures a modern and cost-effective approach to optimal resources management and productivity according to the world best practices.

If you want to have a fully customized SLA option, if the scope and conditions of your project are clear and you want to leverage administrative expenses, if you want to have more control over the most important processes without burying yourself with unnecessary details, consider opting for an SLA model. Your trusted supplier – Infopulse – will take care of your business needs!

Salary-Based: Infopulse acts as a host for your team in one of our sites. An overhead is added to the salary of each person you decide to hire, for which Infopulse provides HR services to introduce the right profiles to you, an office space, administrative and legal services, and more.

You choose the person you want, you manage your team as if it were yours. You have full transparency on your team (including salaries). You manage your team, focusing on your projects and Infopulse provides all the services for your team to work smoothly.

This type of engagement suits companies that want to be the only one involved in the management of its projects and want full control on the team.

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