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Global Telecom Company Runs like Clockwork with Custom OSS & BSS Apps




Cooperation period:

2010 - present





About the Customer:

BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services.

Business Challenge

BICS has over 3,000+ suppliers around the globe. The company has to deal with astonishing numbers of price positions and complex traffic management and accounting. In Global Telecom Business, the whole market is split into traffic customers and traffic suppliers. Any act of buying and selling has to be constantly analyzed and reviewed, all traffic types have to be actively managed. A large amount of data has to be stacked from pools into a data warehouse, where it is aggregated and shown in a scalable and transparent format. Such analysis and management are rather complicated, especially when suppliers can be customers at the same time.

BICS approached Infopulse to develop tools and solutions that would efficiently meet the above challenges. Besides, many systems were outdated or lacked important features and critically required modernization.

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Infopulse develops and maintains the solutions that form a portfolio of Operations Support (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), totaling 60+ applications. We constantly supply new solutions for BICS and improve the performance of almost all existing apps by adding new features or re-engineering legacy software.

Infopulse team is responsible for development and maintenance of the following BICS applications:

  • Signaling/SMS/MMS traffic routing
  • Operators relationship data management
  • Signaling/Voice/SMS/MMS/Roaming traffic analysis and QoS analysis
  • Price lists, contracts, account balances, invoices management
  • Proactive Monitoring of network alarms
  • Customer tickets management
  • Traffic measurements and KPI analysis
  • Capacity usage
  • Near real-time quality figures
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Mobile and Local Number Portability
  • Price Management Tool (PMT) – establishing prices for voice traffic between destinations
  • Voice traffic billing system
  • Access to routing of switches (Sonus, Veraz, Ears, etc).

Besides software engineering services, Infopulse provides 24/7 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support consisting of operations support, release management and application maintenance support, and handling BICS business clients’ calls.


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Business Value

BICS is very happy with the solutions provided by Infopulse. The tools and systems that are developed for BICS are essential in handling telecom business and in continuously delivering high-quality service. With their help, the client of Infopulse receives proactive issue solving, saves costs, reduces time-to-market, and effectively manages resources and traffic. Telecom management tools developed by Infopulse help to leverage procedural and law issues and ensure positive customer experience.

Customer Quote

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Due to the complexity of our business, we have very high expectations from our partners. Infopulse got us covered right where we needed help. Their expertise and ability to deliver quality are what we value the most. BICS has complete confidence in Infopulse as a partner and in people as team members and professionals in their fields. We strongly believe that such efficient and transparent cooperation is beneficial for both parties as we see it as an excellent and exciting opportunity to bring our business relations to a completely new level.
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Ronald Ballet
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Outsourcing at BICS

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