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About the Customer:

A2B.Direct is an international platform, which provides a direct interaction between a freight forwarder and cargo owner across all stages of cargo delivery. At the moment, there are no equivalent platforms for the bulk cargo deliveries in the CIS market. A2B.Direct provides advanced search for a preferable transport contractor, direct
communication and direct deals with no need to engage intermediaries.

Business Challenge

A2B.Direct had a great business idea of an innovative logistics platform for bulk cargo delivery and required help of a reliable software provider for its implementation. They needed a partner able to deeply understand the domain, solve problems efficiently, and take end-to-end responsibility for the quality and performance of the software product.

After a careful preselection procedure, the customer chose Infopulse to develop the platform from scratch. Infopulse had to analyze the market to understand the product’s value and the way the whole system should function. The team had to prepare the detailed technical documentation of the system so that the customer could easily support the system after the project delivery.

The deadline to accomplish all the solutions was stiff and challenging as well. The project started in May and had to be launched in early autumn. To deliver the platform in time, the team had to work almost 24/7.

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Infopulse developed a state-of-the-art platform that has the following features:

  • Direct communication and contracts between trucking providers and cargo owners
  • Direct logistics and workflow
  • Integrated real-time online GPS tracking of a transport and cargo
  • Availability across web and mobile (iOS and Android apps) platforms

Infopulse was responsible for the whole product development life cycle including:

  • Business analysis;
  • UX/UI design;
  • Architecture;
  • Development (Java, Angular);
  • Quality assurance;
  • Project management.

The system is based on:

  • Cordova framework – an open-source mobile development framework used for maps implementation (Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap);
  • PostGIS and PostgreSQL – an open-source software program and object-relational database for information about location and mapping storaging, and querying;
  • Java for back-end development;
  • AngularJS and Bootstrap frameworks for the front-end;
  • Jenkins and Maven – open-source solutions for continuous integration;
  • An open-source platform Docker for containerization.

The team implemented a complex system for the client and provided microservices architecture to make the solution flexible and scalable. The security of the web service was provided by HTTPS and two stages of authorization. Infopulse was also responsible for the 3rd line support to avoid errors that might occur.


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Facts & Figures


reduced time to market and costs




carriers engaged


cargos delivered

Business Value

The customer received a reliable platform for the bulk cargo deliveries that has no equivalents at the CIS market.

Since the official launch in Ukraine, the A2B.Direct service has already demonstrated good results: approximately 1,500 customers already engaged 1,800+ carriers to deliver over 2,700 cargos, with a total distance of over 870,000 kilometers covered.

There were also specific implementations that carried the extra value for the customer:

  • By using open source solutions, Infopulse reduced time to market and costs by 3 times from what was originally projected.
  • Infopulse delivered a unified system that is easy to support and enhance by involving any third party vendors.

Customer Quote

quotes image
Infopulse is a reliable partner of A2B.Direct that developed and helped us launch an innovative B2B freight-trucking platform. The services, supplied by Infopulse for our company, cover the whole lifecycle of application development: business analysis, project management, architecture, frontend (the web and mobile apps) and backend development, UI/UX design, QA, maintenance, support, and more. We strongly recommend Infopulse as a highly experienced, competent and innovative services and solutions provider.
Artem Makieiev

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