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Our experts help you establish uninterrupted business processes, build a robust IT ecosystem, leverage information security, and more.

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Unlock Innovations

Manifest your organization as an industry digital leader with energy IT solutions. Infopulse will support your digital strategy and help you leverage IoT, machine learning, edge computing, and more. 

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Enhance Cybersecurity and Data Compliance

Protect informational assets and sensitive data with Infopulse. Our experts introduce security best practices, strengthen security policies, and ensure regulatory compliance when providing energy managed IT services. 

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Improve Your Energy Management Efficiency

Streamline operational processes and introduce intelligent asset management. Advanced automation, AI-driven maintenance solutions, and custom enterprise applications will facilitate exceptional performance.

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Enable Business Continuity

Achieve near-perfect uptime of mission-critical systems. Our round-the-clock infrastructure management establishes uninterrupted business processes with instant response and disaster recovery services.

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Leverage New Revenue Opportunities

Create new revenue streams through value-added services and new service lines driven by the latest technology. We help you introduce IoT or data-based solutions to propel your business to success. 

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Embrace a Customer-centric Approach

Shape efficient development strategy with your customers in mind. Meeting end-users’ new demands for advanced digital experience from a tech-savvy service provider allows staying efficient and market-relevant.

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Our Solutions

Inspection Management

A comprehensive platform for conducting a thorough overview of your industrial facilities within a matter of hours or minutes.

  • Ability to build custom inspection questionnaires, checklists, and audits
  • Smart automation of repetitive inspection tasks
  • Streamlined compliance and risk management
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Anomaly Detection

A customizable AI/ML-driven solution to ensure precision in identifying abnormal performance, energy consumption, or equipment failures on industrial sites.

  • Seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure, including ERP systems
  • Custom audit scenarios
  • Real-time data analytics and processes automation
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Inventory Price Forecasting

A cloud-based solution allowing businesses to approach budget planning with data-driven insights.

  • Extensive search capabilities of goods and materials
  • High accuracy of price updates
  • Integration of multiple ERP sources with Azure Data Factory
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Our Services for the Energy Sector

Smart Insights

Adopt advanced data management and analytics to gain valuable insights on energy management, customer experience, and strategic development.

  • Data Analytics & Data Science
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Storage Management
  • Data Integration Services
  • Data Lake Solutions
Enterprise Application Management with SAP

Keep business-critical systems up to date to meet the increasing demands of the market with our IT services for oil and gas companies. Infopulse updates your existing landscape, helps you align enterprise applications with your business strategy, and empowers you with intelligent solutions such as ERP, CRM, CMS, HRM, BI, and more. 


Eliminate possible threats to information security. In-depth threat analysis, security best practices, and a customer-oriented approach ensure that your entire infrastructure is protected, including end-users’ data.

  • Security assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
Custom Software Development

Enhance energy management with custom-made oil and gas IT solutions and embedded systems. Infopulse seasoned specialists with extensive expertise in software R&D help you catch up with the latest trends that facilitate your digital transformation and support your business strategy by implementing IT solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

Robotic Process Automation

Delegate cumbersome operations to modern bots that automate repetitive tasks, such as transactions, consumption measurements, or reporting. Infopulse helps you set up and customize automated processes to minimize errors, reduce operational time, and improve customer experience.

Application Packaging

Manage applications hassle-free with software packaging services from Infopulse. Our experts can prepare, deliver, install, and update your applications across all devices to enable a seamless operation of your IT infrastructure by applying proven tools and years of experience.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Anticipate potential operational halts and downtimes with 24/7 infrastructure monitoring services that guarantee smooth performance, helping to prevent undesirable outcomes.

  • Production infrastructure monitoring with AI/ML technologies
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
Cloud Transformation

No modernization process can be complete and holistic without embracing cloud technologies. From complex enterprise systems to asset management to brand/customer interaction – every aspect of the energy and oil & gas sectors can be optimized and boosted when running in a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment.

Mobile Customer Experience

Satisfy end-users’ urge to become active participants of the cooperation with service providers. Infopulse makes sure that you can meet your customers’ demands with a mobile platform that enables live interaction with end-users, instant response to emerging issues, gamification approach to smart home/account management.



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