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Digital Solutions for Remote Work

With Infopulse, you can bridge online and offline communications, embrace cloud-based solutions, strengthen the security front, and level up your employee experience when operating remotely

Our Solutions Help You
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Create Change-proof Ecosystems

Welcome the new normal by adjusting business-critical instruments to your evolving business needs. We empower companies to stay connected through innovation.

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Transition to Anywhere Operations Model

We help you shift to remote mode effortlessly. Having all the necessary tech handpicked for you by our experts ensures that you and your teams can stay connected and focus on daily tasks.

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Ensure the Safety of Your Operations

You cannot compromise on security when working remotely. Enhance the protection of your systems with our top-tier pentesting and security services. We help you stay compliant and keep your data safe.

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Consolidate Core IT & Boost Business Continuity

Ensure high availability of your services and business continuity with intelligent automation. We comply with industry standards to offer uninterrupted business operations for remote teams.


Digital Solutions for Remote Work

Infopulse offers a number of tools and services to bring your business and employees in sync. Orchestrate distributed teams and technology, successfully managing human capital and innovation with the help of the market renowned solutions from a tech leader.

IT Infrastructure Organization

Make sure your IT infrastructure is ready for efficient remote work with our professional consulting and management services:

  • Infrastructure and workplace readiness assessment
  • Infrastructure monitoring and incident management
  • Virtual platforms installation and server monitoring
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Network Operations

Ensure uninterrupted network connectivity with a full spectrum of managed network operations services:

  • VPN and security management
  • Wireless LAN services
  • Routing and switching services
  • Firewall management

Microsoft Teams

Enable efficient communication and ensure employee productivity during remote work with Microsoft Teams. As a long-term Microsoft partner and Azure Expert MSP, Infopulse offers expert consulting services and full-scale support in solution adoption and implementation.

The key benefits of utilizing Microsoft Teams are:

  • Exchange messages and voice calls in individual or group chats
  • Hold online conferences, webinars, and training programs
  • Assign, control, and manage individual or team tasks
  • Real-time collaboration with Office 365 applications
  • Secure anytime-anywhere access from any device
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Microsoft 365

Increase productivity and improve business continuity during remote work with Microsoft 365, a world-class collaboration platform available from anywhere, anytime. Its features and capabilities include:

  • Latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Full accessibility from any device, including Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Co-authoring with trusted peers and instant file sharing options
  • View content, conversations, tasks, and scheduled meetings
  • Ensured data security with Office 365 Threat Protection

Infopulse offers expert consulting and implementation services to ensure the optimal use of Microsoft 365 for your remote working capabilities.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Boost employee productivity by enabling convenient and secure remote access to corporate apps – implement Azure Virtual Desktop, an advanced desktop and application virtualization service that functions on Microsoft Azure and supports Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Infopulse experts will help to implement:

  • Virtual desktops that support high-capacity workloads remotely
  • Multi-session Windows 10/11 desktops that feature full accessibility to any Windows software
  • Availability of virtual desktops on any device, regardless of end-user location
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Penetration Testing

Ensure the safety of your web services and external network while you work remotely with our penetration testing services that include:

  • Precise vulnerability assessment
  • Network perimeter, DMZ, wireless network penetration tests
  • Quick scanning of selected systems

Cloud Environment Security Assessment

Request the security assessment of your cloud environment to ensure the protection of critical data while your business switches to remote operations. We help to:

  • Ensure the safety of confidential and sensitive corporate data
  • Protect against cloud malware
  • Implement effective identity and access management services
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