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Infopulse Data Analytics Bot

Leverage our custom Data Analytics Bot powered by Azure OpenAI to obtain company-wide access to precise BI insights in near-real time.

Our Solution Helps You
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Achieve Extraordinary Speed-to-insight 

Reduce the time to deliver data analytics from weeks or even months to just a couple of seconds.  

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Make Smart Decisions Faster

There’s no need to sift through a pile of reports. With our Bot, concise and accurate insights are readily available at your fingertips, summarized and visualized for your convenience.

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Ease the Workload of Your Analytics Team

Let the solution cover the endless flow of requests for ad-hoc insights, while your corporate analytics team focuses on more valuable strategic tasks.

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Democratize Access to BI Insights

In-depth Power BI or SQL knowledge is not required to use the Bot – any user can request the needed analytics via simple text prompts.  

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Significantly Optimize Costs

Use the solution to lower the expenses for creating BI reports and avoid extra licensing costs by paying only for what you use.

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Ensure Robust Data Security 

Your data remains secure and private, as Azure OpenAI does not use business data to train or improve their GenAI models. 

Your Smart GenAI Analytics Assistant

Infopulse Data Analytics Bot is a custom-tailored chatbot, based on the retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) framework and built on the Azure OpenAI service. The solution serves as a one-stop-shop for swift on-demand analytics, empowering your business with fast and informed decisions, democratized BI insights, and improved cost-efficiency.      

Key Features

  • Answers to user prompts related to the corporate database in near real-time – from simple “trends of product sales in Q1 2024” to more complex – “compare the sales rates of the company’s key products against five major competitors”.  
  • Provides a link to an Excel report with the relevant analytics, along with a concise text-based summary of the findings, and offers to visualize the data (graphs, charts, etc.) upon request.  
  • Multilingual Bot that immediately detects the prompt language and responds accordingly
  • Accessible as a standalone desktop/mobile application, within Microsoft Teams, or can be integrated with other messaging apps, such as Slack, Google Chat, Viber, Telegram, and others.  
  • Rapid rollout – just 2 days are required to deploy and scale the Bot across small-scale databases, and up to 2 weeks across enterprise-grade data warehouses (DWHs)  
  • Minimized data errors – the Bot tracks all the chat session information, such as time, user ID, SQL queries, etc. to help developers identify and fix database inconsistencies.  
  • Can be extended with voice-based conversations and deliver human-like verbal responses, enabling swift and convenient access to BI insights anywhere/anytime.  
  • Features versatile customization options, including the addition of new databases, an increase of the analytics scope, new data visualization styles, and incorporated branding elements (logos, watermarks, etc.).   



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