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Anomaly Detection Solution

Enhance equipment maintenance processes with an intelligent solution that proactively detects abnormalities and is geared towards the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Energy industries

Our Solution Helps You
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Optimize Operations

Simplify the complexity of anomaly detection in equipment and ensure safety with real-time data insights

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Speed Innovation

Prevent unscheduled maintenance and quality issues early in the production process to scale your organization quicker

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Reduce Errors

Minimize error-prone human inspection by automating the process of identifying and resolving deviations

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Leverage Data-driven Approach

Gather and access all measurable data through user-friendly dashboards with the ability to make changes

Key Features

  • Real-time intelligence based on ML algorithms
  • Mathematical models for visualization and anomaly detection tailored for each dataset
  • Concise data visualization through dashboards and analytical reports with detailed actionable insights
  • User feedback is used for the solution recalibration and improvement

Path to Value

  • Understand the operational processes and how equipment works
  • Collect and process data from industrial systems and equipment
  • Apply the existing ML approaches or build a customized one
  • Continuously train end-users/engineers how to use the solution properly
  • Transform your business via actual integration into operational processes



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