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Technology & Security Advisory

Build your digital strategy with eyes wide open. Our technology advisory and security assessment services reimagine your IT landscape with industry-relevant solutions to reinforce your development.

We Help You
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Make Technology Your Business Driver

Frame your business development around advantageous technologies to become a competitive market player. From a corporate website to a complex ERP – everything matters when you aim to become a digital leader.

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Accelerate Transformation

Identify bottlenecks and eliminate constraints on modernization with Infopulse technology, architecture, and security advisory services. We empower you with an improvement roadmap based on a comprehensive audit.

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Facilitate the Targeted Spending

Adopt only those solutions that guarantee your business thriving. Our consultants provide you with a holistic review to optimize priorities, embrace relevant trends, and achieve the best return on technology investment.

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Raise Your Security Maturity Level

Engage expert guidance to boost protection. Our security assessment services empower you with in-depth data to exploit your company’s strengths, rectify weaknesses, and create a comprehensive security strategy.

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Plan Long-term Technology-wise

Enable your digital transformation for years ahead. With Infopulse technology and architecture advisory, you will have a long-term IT development plan, allowing you to determine improvement areas to help achieve target objectives.

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Know Your IT Ecosystem

Gain a deeper understanding of your IT strategy. We help you achieve exceptional transparency and visibility, identify IT development areas, and align architecture and technologies with your business objectives.

Service Categories

Technical Assessments

Ensure your IT landscape meets your business needs. Infopulse technology advisory provides you with an in-depth analysis of your current IT ecosystem and recommendations on how to leverage it to your benefit.

Security Assessment

Find discreet vulnerabilities, reduce risks, and define next steps with an end-to-end security assessment from Infopulse, including risk treatment, security process audit, penetration testing, and others.

Technology Strategy and Architecture

Facilitate your success with a future-proof IT ecosystem. We help identify and accelerate strategic IT areas, select a relevant technology stack, design architecture, and build a sustainable IT strategy.


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