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Double down on your growth efforts and take your customer journey and employee satisfaction to new heights with Infopulse, a leading expert in digital transformation for Banking and Financial Services.

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Protect Your Business & Prevent Fraud

Tackle your security concerns and mitigate potential attacks, deploying AI-driven systems to detect and prevent fraud in real-time. The Infopulse team has services & technologies to take care of data confidentiality and integrity, authentication, perimeter security, and access control for large enterprises and SMBs.

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Manage regulatory changes, deposit costs & interest rates  

Sail through regulatory pressure and compliance, high interest rates, and troubling inflation amid growing deposit costs. We help you automate different workflows and models, create real-time analytical and stress test tools to enhance risk management, and create modern effective banking solutions based on Oracle FLEXCUBE.

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Explore new horizons & partnerships 

Scale to more geographies and foster new connections, partnering with FinTechs and startups to offer more value beyond conventional banking. With our technology expertise and solution consulting capabilities, we empower you to embrace innovation, adapt to prevailing market trends, and stay relevant.

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Overcome technological turbulence

With the adoption of Gen AI and cloudification, fraud and cyber risks increase. We help banks implement advanced algorithms, migrate on-prem legacy systems, conduct IT infrastructure audits, and strengthen the security front, embracing market boundaries.

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Level up with embedded finance

Our team enables seamless financial service integrations within non-financial products and platforms, establishing long-standing partnerships with non-financial companies while providing more convenience to customers.

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Embrace open data consent management

With us, you can streamline document management to improve data consent workflows and leverage customer personal information to tailor more products and services to their particular needs, nurturing innovation at your organization.

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Welcome money digitization and CBDC

We will help you adapt to the wider use of central bank digital currencies. Infopulse engineers facilitate the integration of CBDC systems with existing financial infrastructure at your organization along with automation of creation and management for CBDC wallets and other related workflows.

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Decarbonize and elevate sustainability efforts

With our services, you can support customers’ sustainability goals, lowering costs to nature. We help you use predefined sustainability criteria to offer more low-emission assets in your portfolios, grasping more opportunities when transitioning to a net-zero economy.  

We work with

  • Retail Banks
  • Corporate banking
  • Investment Banks
  • Credit Unions & Credit Bureaus
  • Digital Banks/Neobanks
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Hedge Funds
  • Wealth management firms
  • Exchanges & Financial markets
  • Other investment advisory companies
  • Lending Platforms/Solutions
  • Payment Processors /Platforms/Solutions
  • KYC/AML Solution Providers
  • Robo-Advisors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Asset Tokenization
  • RegTech
  • Brokers
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
  • InsurTech and many others

Our Expertise

Core Banking 

We optimize loan and credit management, transform retail operations with omnichannel experience, onboarding & KYC/AML services & solutions, and debt collection tools. Infopulse reimagines corporate banking through syndicated loans, wholesale risk management , blockchain-based approvals, and cash & treasury management. To help banks comply with PSD2, we create open banking APIs to guarantee secure operations with customers’ consent.

Digital & Mobile Banking

Drive continuous personalization with omnichannel ecosystems, and mobile multicomponent banking apps with multi-layer security mechanisms. Our engineers specialize in contactless NFC payment systems for encrypted user-to-merchant payments with no card details. Optimize costs by 30%, automating & digitizing middle and back-office processes with chatbots. Benefit from intelligent insights, using mobile dashboards integrated with CRM, BI, and other financial systems.

AI Services & Process Automation

Save up time on rule-based processes, using RPA. Automate communications and request processing with ML and AI, making use of self-learning personal assistants with NLP & speech recognition. Infopulse integrates IoT features with financial apps for wearables.

Cash & Treasury Management

Infopulse works on customized consolidated cash and treasury management solutions, helping our clients create fully-fledged operational management systems based on modern technology. Our experts can also update legacy treasury systems, add new functionality, migrate users to the next-gen software, fix legacy code, and optimize system usability.

Digital Transformation

Build a unified portal for users to access all assets, apps, or services they need, using digital identity. We offer A to Z cloud migration – from a common app to the whole IT infrastructure. With Infopulse, you can perform reverse engineering of legacy systems and code refactoring. Amplify the benefits with Banking as a Service (BaaS) & Banking as a Platform (BaaP) created by seasoned experts.

API Management

Foster innovation through collaboration with FinTechs and startups by enabling seamless financial services within non-financial products and platforms. By partnering with non-banking companies, you can expand your portfolio of embedded finance offerings. Together with our team, you can integrate CBDC systems with existing financial infrastructure.

Omnichannel Banking

Infopulse helps banks tap into growing customer demands they want to satisfy by switching from one device to another. With real-time data synchronization, our financial products and services enable a seamless experience across all platforms, putting customers at the center of banking operations. We empower financial institutions to stay relevant and coherent with smartphones, apps, and websites, providing easy-to-use and intuitive services.

Onboarding & KYC

Infopulse’s IT services for banking help financial institutions with complex client verification processes by introducing robust risk management solutions based on modern technologies. We offer FinServ compliance tools to guarantee smooth onboarding and further customer engagement. Our experts take care of KYC/AML procedures by automating sophisticated banking workflows.

Digital Identity

Infopulse uses a modern alternative to conventional document validation to help financial services providers with customer verification. We resolve challenges with compromised credentials such as theft or data misuse and breaches that might damage the organizational reputation and result in financial losses.

Loan Management

We specialize in implementing seamless loan-management solutions that enhance banks’ risk management practices, increase the efficiency of operations, and generate faster returns. Our experts develop complex wholesale management systems that enhance internal risk management practices and decision-making processes, reducing the chance of human error.

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Our Services for the Financial Sector

Custom Software Development

We work on mobile and web development, creating bespoke solutions and mitigating app crashes with robust testing. Infopulse offers full-scale development, quality assurance, and support. We help you ensure smooth performance and exceptional in-app UX by producing bug-free products. Create feature-rich responsive and scalable apps of any complexity for internal use, sale, or rebranding.

Legacy Software Modernization

Upgrade legacy systems with Infopulse. If your backend no longer meets market demands or the look and feel of the app is outdated, we will do a major upgrade of core functionality and reimagine the UI. We perform reverse solution engineering, application containerization & API creation, and cloud-powered updates on demand, too.

Low-Code App Development

Automate routine processes and accelerate product releases with full-cycle low-code development services. We use Microsoft Power Platform and ServiceNow, helping you with consulting, development, maintenance, and support, legacy app migrations, and integrations with other business systems.

Technology & Security Advisory

Fine-tune your long-term strategy with subject matter experts by speeding up process transformation, developing a clear vision, and employing innovative technology that suits a particular business with technical evaluation, security assessment, technology strategy & architecture.

DevOps Implementation & Advisory

Reengineer your banking software delivery practices and enhance collaboration between teams with end-to-end DevOps. Our experts help businesses optimize SDLC through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), CI/CD, container orchestration, and hybrid solutions.


Infopulse offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to strengthen your business operations, ensure data privacy, and offer top-notch protection against cyberattacks. We offer security assessment & penetration testing, DevSecOps, cloud security & IT infrastructure protection, and SOC & SIEM/SOAR deployment.

Cloud Transformation

Add an edge to your business with top-tier cloud solutions. We utilize Microsoft Azure, AWS, and OCI to enable your digital transformation, lower costs, and enhance security with cloud advisory & migration services, cloud DevOps, security & managed cloud, and cloud-native development.

Infrastructure Services

Build future-proof IT ecosystems along with our financial managed services. Achieve operational excellence with supreme infrastructure efficiency, benefiting from the design & deployment of complex infrastructures, SLA-based infrastructure monitoring & diagnostics, help desk & managed network services.

Application Services

Leverage a full range of managed application services. Enhance the performance of essential business instruments with app & database operations, app maintenance, packaging, virtualization, and integration services.

Smart Insights

For better decision-making, Infopulse can bring all your data sources under one roof by creating an advanced analytical platform with master data management, DWH design, and more, by implementing Data Lake & Big Data, BI & data analytics, business intelligence & customer insights.

Intelligent Automation 

Your operational excellence is our priority. We help you reduce potential risks with custom AI-driven solutions, start the digital transformation, and focus on ever-changing customer demands with RPA, Computer Vision & predictive analytics, NLP & Intelligent Assistants.

Modern Workplace on Microsoft 365

At Infopulse, we know the value of high-end solutions. Implement Microsoft 365, an intelligent productivity suite, to safeguard organizational data & tackle compliance, elevate knowledge transfer & employee training, and streamline communication with better data access.

CRM on Dynamics 365

Streamline your sales and increase operational productivity with intelligent CRM from Microsoft. We specialize in developing full-cycle solutions based on Dynamics 365 and offer diagnostics, analysis & consulting, deployment, integration & migration, operations & support.

SAP Services

Infopulse helps clients lower support costs, get stable ROIs, and make a smooth shift to SAP. Boost the efficiency of your business processes through S/4HANA migration & BI/BW services, custom development & integrations, application management & support.

ITSM & ITOM with ServiceNow

Optimize IT processes and Service Desk operations, accelerate incident resolution and service requests. With our advanced experience in the ServiceNow platform, you benefit from initial assessment, service mapping, and greenfield implementation of complex ITSM/ITOM systems.



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