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Mask-Wearing Detection

Infopulse Mask Wearing Detection solution streamlines and automates the monitoring of personal protective equipment usage. We help detect whether organizations’ visitors conform to the safety rules with intelligent detection algorithms eliminating the need for continuous personal control.

Our Solution Helps You
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Enhance Safety

Ensure your employees, visitors, and guests follow safety protocols. The solution allows for accurate real-time monitoring of the premises.

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Optimize Resources

Allocate your human resources more efficiently by delegating cumbersome monitoring of the visitor flows to a visual AI software.

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Increase Health Awareness

Set up automated face mask detection and receive instant notifications about identified violators to encourage them to follow the safety guidelines.

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Embrace Computer Vision

Tailor the mask detection solution to your needs, objectives, and premises conditions for maximum efficiency with the help of Infopulse AI experts.

Computer Vision Solution for Face Mask Detection

Our solution is designed to ensure strict adherence to safety measures meant to control/prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. It employs computer vision to monitor face mask usage. In case of mask absence, the solution sends notifications to the responsible staff to increase health awareness.


  • Low technical and computing requirements 
  • Easily integrated with the existing surveillance system (if they meet minimal technical requirements)
  • Highly accurate mask detection at a minimum scanning frequency of 2 frames per second
  • Face recognition feature capability for premises with regular visitors
  • Automated snapshot of a bare-faced person
  • Instant notifications to preferred communication channels, e.g., Microsoft Teams, emails, messengers
  • A photo of the violator is instantly sent to the incident team
  • Extensive deployment options: cloud, edge, or on-premises
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Use Cases: 

  • Office buildings: a monitoring system for employees required to work on-site 
  • Administrative organizations: mask-wearing detection for high-traffic premises, e.g., hospitals, social services, state institutions, airports, and railway stations
  • Retail: automated control for retailers of all scales, from local stores to supermarkets
  • Entertainment venues: movie theaters, concert halls, museums, galleries, and sports venues
  • Other public places: expos, auditoriums, lecture halls, places of worship, etc.


  • Simplicity. Sustainable result with minimal effort and simple structure. Fast remote deployment for any company worldwide. 
  • Cost-efficiency. Thanks to low computing requirements and on-the-fly data processing, no costly equipment or dedicated data storage is required.
  • Flexibility. Can run equally effectively in any environment – in the cloud, on the edge devices, or on-premises.
  • Accuracy. Intelligent computer vision algorithms show up to 98% accuracy for mask detection and up to 95% for face recognition.
  • Integration options. Seamless integration with any communication apps of your choice – Microsoft Teams, emails, or any other messengers.
  • Security. To ensure a higher level of data security, we can connect the solution via VPN.
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