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Inventory Price Forecasting

Infopulse Inventory Price Forecasting Solution leverages cutting-edge algorithms to build a data model based on the history of your purchases. It provides accurate price forecasting, enabling the most efficient distribution of funds.

Our Solution Helps You
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Achieve Transparency

Consolidate all the data within a single platform to plan and control material resources efficiently and transparently.

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Optimize Costs

Reduce budget overruns due to market price fluctuations thanks to automated price updates and accurate forecasting.

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Facilitate Budget Planning

Maximize the efficiency of budget planning relying on long-term historical data, real-time updates, and cutting-edge algorithms.

Data-Driven Solution for Efficient Purchase Planning

Our Inventory Price Forecasting solution allows businesses to approach budget planning armed with data-driven insights. It accurately forecasts the purchasing price of goods and materials inventory by integrating data from any ERP for the entire period of the existing purchases history.


  • A cloud-based solution powered by a carefully designed algorithm with business analytics and data management capabilities. 
  • Extensive capabilities to search for goods and materials across the entire period of the existing purchases history as well as numerous integrated data sources.
  • Boosting the algorithm with two main data sets: historical data as a feed for a new algorithm and control data with the actual purchase and write-off prices.
  • High accuracy of price updates to allow for the significant improvement of budgeting processes.
  • Sophisticated architecture of the solution in the Azure cloud with improved processing time.
  • Seamless integration of multiple ERP sources with Azure Data Factory to collect analytical data.
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Use Cases:

  • Offload heavy computations from your ERP system
  • Extend the planning horizon to include archive data and achieve better precision
  • Consolidate data from numerous business units and data sources to enable complete visibility
  • Acquire an advanced solution for data management automation and business analytics
  • Refine your price updates procedure by incorporating more accurate data into projections.


  • Accelerated data processing: minutes instead of hours 
  • Improved algorithm with higher accuracy to ensure more relevant price updates
  • Unified enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics via integration with Azure Synapse Analytics to enable data ingestion, preparation, management, and serving
  • The centralized cloud data storage saves data processing time with better transparency and insights
  • Better control over budget overruns – up to 25%, which allows avoiding uncontrolled consumption of goods
  • End-to-end visibility of goods and inventory listings: stored, purchased, and demanded
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