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Digital Workplace and Collaboration Solution

When the option to work remotely becomes a key consideration for most employees, consider adopting a digital workplace to enable coherent collaboration in the era of hybrid work. Infopulse offers a Digital Workplace solution that can be tailored to your business needs.

Our Solution Helps You
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Optimize Operations 

Infopulse Digital Workplace solution unifies multiple business systems and provides a single access point to all of them

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Set Up a Remote Collaboration Hub

With the combined capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva, you can communicate, collaborate, learn, and exchange files from anywhere 

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Integrate with All Systems

Enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted performance of all services with seamless integration of corporate business applications 

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Boost Productivity 

Provide your employees with more efficient remote work options by liberating them from a fixed office desktop

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Empower Employees 

Digital Workplace gives employees access to their salary specifications and vacation requests, allows to manage loyalty program benefits, book assets, get corporate news, and more

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Enable Smart Metrics

Amplify employee efficiency and productivity by adopting transparent personal productivity metrics 

Digital Workplace Solution

Custom-developed for each client, our Digital Workplace solution brings together Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva in one platform, built as a multi-purpose collaboration hub. Your employees will enjoy the perks of communication, collaboration, training, and file exchange, combined with enterprise-level data security and robust prevention of possible data losses or leakage. 

For end-users:

  • Efficient remote work and enhanced collaboration
  • Unified offline and online communications
  • Access to work-related data from anywhere and from any device
  • Intuitive and omnichannel user experience
  • Structured workflow, task lists, and storage of documents
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For business:

  • Amplified employee engagement
  • Transparent and personal productivity metrics
  • Security-rich environment
  • Enterprise-grade security and storage policies
  • Platform integration with the corporate website
  • Integration of the corporate business applications into Microsoft Teams


  • Centralized and secure management and support
  • Data-driven insights
  • Intelligent automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Sensitive data protection and access control
  • Viva Learning module implementation
  • Chatbots and smart assistants
  • Available across all desktop and mobile platforms
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