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Harness the power of established and emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve.

We Help You
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Brainstorm Ideas, Choose the Best Ones

Our innovation team can lay out the map to your revolutionary product or service or breathe new life into existing ones. Together, we juggle the ideas worth exploring and narrow down the options to the most feasible ones.

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Tackle Risks with Confidence

Through innovation, Infopulse helps you with original concepts so you can take firm steps when penetrating new markets. With a high-flyer tech stack, we enable the steady growth of businesses around the globe even in times of turbulence.

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Stay Relevant Anywhere & Anytime

We help you change along with the market and keep up with the latest trends, broadening your business horizons. At Infopulse, we know what you need to lead the field in the industry or break into a new domain.

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Change the Core Processes

To disrupt the status quo, you require retailoring existing business practices and approaches. We infuse modern technology, blend it with an established time-proof stack, and take a different approach with every client, striving to make a difference.

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Build the Value of Your Brand Further

Offer your target audience something that resonates with it. Infopulse helps you find that leverage and capitalize on it. Build the unique value proposition to reach and connect with your future loyal customers and retain existing ones.

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Increase Turnover & Boost Profitability

Generate more revenue through innovation. Become the next groundbreaking business in your niche by setting the company’s goals that shape up the future. We help you find a unique recipe for success and elevate your margins.

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Double Down on Your Team Performance

Infopulse can train a winning team by sharing general expertise and domain-specific knowledge. We help your tech squad acquire expert skills, data science knowledge, and hands-on experience required for innovative thinking and creative process.

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Speed Up Business Digital Transformation

You do not have to choose between meeting evolving customer demands, embracing innovation, or creating new revenue streams. Do all at once – find opportunities where others see pitfalls. Dare to do things differently while your competition lags behind.


Self-Sovereign Identity

An all-in-one eID platform for seamless identity management, authentication, and data-sharing.

  • Robust security with 2FA, data encryption, and full GDPR compliance
  • Includes an advanced electronic signature
  • Diverse customization and integration options
Link to solutions/self-sovereign-identity
Anomaly Detection

A customizable AI/ML-driven solution to ensure precision in identifying abnormal performance, energy consumption, or equipment failures on industrial sites.

  • Seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure, including ERP systems
  • Custom audit scenarios
  • Real-time data analytics and processes automation
Link to solutions/anomaly-detection
Customer Support Chatbot

Infopulse сhatbot is designed to enhance support functions by helping users navigate a website, product, or system.

  • Multilingual support and contextual conversations
  • Seamless integration with your website and messaging platforms
  • Accurate analytics to optimize chatbot performance 
Link to solutions/customer-support-chatbot
Inventory Price Forecasting

A cloud-based solution allowing businesses to approach budget planning with data-driven insights.

  • Extensive search capabilities of goods and materials
  • High accuracy of price updates
  • Integration of multiple ERP sources with Azure Data Factory
Link to solutions/inventory-price-forecasting
Mask-Wearing Detection

Streamline and automate the monitoring of personal protective equipment usage. We help detect whether organizations’ visitors conform to the safety rules with intelligent detection algorithms eliminating the need for continuous personal control.

  • Highly accurate mask detection at a minimum scanning frequency of 2 frames per second
  • Face recognition feature capability for premises with regular visitors
  • Instant notifications to preferred communication channels, e.g., Microsoft Teams, emails, messengers
Link to solutions/mask-wearing-detection

Our Expertise


Infopulse helps enterprises unlock the benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT). We build custom blockchain-powered solutions for large corporations, SMEs, and product businesses in any domain. Our team can assist with: 

  • Smart contracts implementation
  • Blockchain consulting and R&D activities
  • Blockchain protocols engineering (consensus models), custom development, and much more.
Smart Insights

Harness data-driven innovation with actionable insights, using any type of data at hand. With Infopulse, you can streamline the decision-making process and connect various data sources to achieve 360° visibility into your business operations.

Redefine your customer experience with smart business insights, adding a personal touch to your next project. Explore new growth opportunities for your company, tapping into intelligent analytics and smart action plans.


Using commercial and open-source IoT platforms, we implement various IoT projects of any size and for any business vertical, including logistics, smart homes, agriculture, and healthcare among others.

At Infopulse, we help you explore numerous opportunities offered by smart technologies, connected devices, and innovations that use M2M hyper-connectivity, change the ordinary into extraordinary.


Bring your products and services to new heights with innovative AI solutions. Infopulse can help you create cutting-edge AI-based systems and advanced machine-learning models. We offer you these solutions as stand-alone products or pair them up with the existing products and infrastructure. Our AI/ML service offerings will help you better strategize and plan while spotting profitable opportunities and eliminating potential risks.

Computer Vision

At Infopulse, we equip businesses with digital tools to enable faultless and meaningful analytics, benefit from intelligent insights and full transparency of operational activities, using computer vision and image recognition.

Our Data Science experts build powerful CV systems to allow you to focus on strategic objectives, explore new growth opportunities, eliminate faulty manufacturing, and lower equipment malfunctioning due to predictive maintenance and automation.

Intelligent Assistants

Robotic in nature, multilingual intelligent assistants are tomorrow’s success agents in the hyper-digital realm. Tap into the intelligent assistant era and use the benefits of deep learning, voice recognition, NLP, big data, and conversational AI to speed up your customer service, connect with your audience, and build long-lasting loyalty. Free your customer care agents from mundane tasks and routine processes to help with uncommon business scenarios that require special attention. 

Immersive Experience

Use immersive technologies to create meaningful connections, redefine work, and offer more value to your customers. Harness the power of XR tech with end-to-end AR, VR, MR, and 3D services from Infopulse.

We can introduce you to the essentials of immersive technologies or create an end-to-end solution for your business, helping you streamline operational efficiency anduserexperience.

UX/UI Design

At Infopulse, we believe that user experience is a secret ingredient essential to success in the modern digital world, where competition is stiff. Our expertise can connect your user needs with business goals through technology. With us, you can build products and create services that delight your customers and generate more sales for your business, scale innovation, challenge assumptions, and tackle usability problems. 



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