Digital solutions to streamline application packaging processes

Application Packaging Suite

Infopulse’s application packaging solutions were inspired by packagers and designed for packagers to ensure smooth application packaging processes. PACE Products are customer-driven and employ customization, automation, and a user-centered approach along with flexible licensing models.

Our Solutions Help You
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Streamline Application Packaging

Cover all tasks across the packaging lifecycle stages: create, edit, and test your packages of various formats in a few clicks.

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Consolidate all Your Data 

Use our solutions as a centralized workplace to store, exchange, and find all your documents, manage your files and packages.

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Manage Orders & Teams

Get a comprehensive view of the current state of orders. Review and manage your team’s workload in one or multiple projects.

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Save Time and Resources

Benefit from automation and customization capabilities to reduce the time and effort on routine tasks and common tools configurations.

PACE Products

Designed by packagers for packagers - PACE Products family comprises PACE Suite for app packaging and PACE Packager Hub for workflow management. Both solutions aim to optimize application packaging processes for enterprises, customers, and engineering teams.

PACE Suite:

PACE Suite is an advanced app packaging tool with an intuitive user interface. It enables you to create MSI, MSIX, APPX, APPV packages, edit them, and check their quality, safety, and readiness for deployment.

  • Capturing. Repackage installations in any way convenient for you: locally, in Windows Sandbox, Docker container, or in a virtual machine (running on VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox).
  • Editing and testing. Customize packages with further distribution. Create merge modules and patches and run checks for package quality, safety, and deployment readiness.
  • Automation & reporting. Automate capturing, package testing, and other routine tasks. Create documents with installation instructions and generate detailed package reports in one click.
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PACE Packager Hub

PACE Packager Hub is a fully-fledged workflow solution for application packaging teams. It enables built-in customer service, as well as flexible management of tasks and team workload.

  • End-to-end solution. A single user-friendly entry point for customers & packaging teams, enabling you to track packaging orders, analyze team workload, configure process automation, and much more.
  • Deep customization. For every isolated project, define the available types of packaging tasks, their set of attributes, current workflow, and permissions, based on assigned roles and other parameters.
  • Package inventory and delivery. View the list and search for the created packages. Deliver packages to customers taking advantage of the built-in file integrity system and download these packages from the repository via a web browser.



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