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Software & Hi-Tech

By applying consulting, engineering, and design expertise, we help ISVs and other technology providers create breakthrough solutions, reinforce digital maturity, and build operational resilience.

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Bridge Expertise Gaps

With 30 + years of IT experience, Infopulse offers access to in-depth domain expertise to help Software & Hi-Tech companies bridge any knowledge or skill gaps. We cover the entire spectrum of IT services, including custom software engineering, cybersecurity, QA/QC, IT infrastructure management, and more.

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Keep Pace with Innovation

Entrust Infopulse’s Hi-Tech services to navigate your innovation journeys. Our dedicated R&D center will harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to help you build future-proof Hi-Tech IT solutions, drive new revenue streams, and facilitate your digital transformation.  

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Create Exceptional Customer Experience

Infopulse designs, develops, and supports modern digital Hi-Tech engineering solutions to help you unlock new ways of attracting and engaging customers. With our help, you can empower your business with seamless omnichannel interactions, personalized customer experiences, and smart insights. 

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Digitize Business Processes

Evolve into an ultimately agile and digitally mature business by taking advantage of our intelligent business services and Hi-Tech business solutions. Infopulse engineers can accelerate your back-office tasks, improve IT service delivery, streamline data management, and enable real-time decision-making. 

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Establish Unmatched Security & Compliance

By combining secure SDLC with next-gen IAM and threat intelligence tools, our cybersecurity experts effectively safeguard your business from any cyber threats. Moreover, we utilize our proprietary GRC solution to help you ensure perfect data privacy and facilitate compliance with GDPR or other regulations.

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Modernize Legacy Software

From code optimization to full-scale re-engineering, Infopulse offers a wide range of services to breathe new life into your outdated systems. We leverage the capabilities of Cloud technologies, DevOps, microservices, and modern tech stacks to help you boost productivity and eliminate technical debt.

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Build Resilient & Efficient IT Infrastructure

Infopulse performs in-depth diagnostics, 24/7 monitoring, and proactive incident response to enable the full-scale protection of your cloud or hybrid infrastructure. In addition, we can optimize hardware, software, or network components to ensure the utmost responsiveness and efficiency of your IT ecosystem.

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Control & Optimize Expenses

We can tailor our services for Software & Hi-Tech companies of any size. Our solution engineering services range from brief consulting to PoC/MVP creation and full-cycle development. Moreover, you can reduce costs by delegating routine operations to our managed teams, which can be scaled according to your business needs.

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Our Solutions

Self-Sovereign Identity

An all-in-one eID platform for seamless identity management, authentication, and data-sharing.

  • Robust security with 2FA, data encryption, and full GDPR compliance
  • Includes an advanced electronic signature
  • Diverse customization and integration options
Link to solutions/self-sovereign-identity
Customer Support Chatbot

Infopulse сhatbot is designed to enhance support functions by helping users navigate a website, product, or system.

  • Multilingual support and contextual conversations
  • Seamless integration with your website and messaging platforms
  • Accurate analytics to optimize chatbot performance 
Link to solutions/customer-support-chatbot

Our Services for the Technology Sector

Solution Engineering

Infopulse provides a holistic suite of services to help ISVs and other technology companies engineer modern Hi-Tech solutions. We offer expert consulting, in-depth technical assessments, architecture creation, UX/UI design, Hi-Tech software development, and flexible L1/L2/L3 support services. We can help you create custom mobile, web, or desktop apps, SaaS products, B2B/B2C platforms, or industry-focused solutions.

Innovation Services

Infopulse leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help startups and established IT companies enter new markets, create a unique value proposition, and facilitate their digital evolution. Our innovation labs and R&D teams help you ideate, design, and deliver groundbreaking solutions powered by AI/ML, Computer Vision, Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0, Cloud computing, Blockchain, and XR.

Intelligent Business

With deep expertise in Microsoft, SAP, AWS, and ServiceNow, Infopulse offers a broad portfolio of services tailored for Software & Hi-Tech companies. Our engineers can enhance your IT ecosystem with diverse integrations, develop custom ERP, CRM, and BI solutions, automate ITSM processes, enable AI-powered data analytics, intelligent workflow automation, and much more.


As cyber threats evolve, sustaining a robust IT security posture is business-critical for Software & Hi-Tech industry. Armed with next-gen security tools, Infopulse delivers a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to safeguard your business. We conduct in-depth security assessments and penetration testing, provide cloud security and IT infrastructure protection, as well as SIEM/SOAR deployment, DevSecOps implementation, and managed SOC services.

Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure is the backbone of any IT business, and Infopulse helps to ensure its unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and security. We design and implement complex infrastructures from scratch or optimize the existing systems. Furthermore, our experts perform 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, operations management along with IT help desk, managed network, and digital workplace services.

Cloud Transformation

Extend the limits of your applications and infrastructure with our Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle, and SAP Cloud services. We help Software & Hi-Tech companies ensure seamless cloud migration, manage and support complex cloud or hybrid environments, establish top-tier cloud security, and build innovative cloud-native solutions.

DevOps Services

Infopulse provides holistic DevOps consulting and implementation services to empower IT companies with enhanced software delivery, collaboration, and operational resilience. With our help, you can utilize Infrastructure as Code (IAC), implement CI/CD pipelines, orchestrate containers, automate configuration and release management, and build serverless or hybrid solutions.



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