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About the Customer:

Latvijas Mobilais Telefons or LMT is the biggest mobile operator and telecom market leader in Latvia, providing cutting-edge wireless solutions and services to 1M+ subscribers.

Business Challenge

Having the most extensive communications and data network in Latvia, our client embarked on an ambitious journey of a billing system swap to accommodate the increasing pace of technological developments. To ensure that such a complex project went seamlessly and in the most efficient way, LMT was on the lookout for telecom-focused expertise. A sustainable and potent approach was required to implement this digital transformation project in a specific telecom environment.

LMT contacted Tietoevry, Infopulse's mother company, for telco-focused consulting in the selection of the new billing system solution. In order to achieve that, business and technical evaluation would have to be conducted in addition to the tailored selection of IT vendors and the most effective billing system that would replace the existing one. Infopulse, having hands-on extensive experience in telecom consulting, was involved in the project.

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Since May 2021, Infopulse experts were involved as part of a multinational Tietoevry team and conducted an extensive audit of LMT’s system infrastructure.

Due to the sophisticated nature and architecture of the billing system, feasibility analysis and Preliminary Solution Selection Assistance (RFI) were carried out in accordance with business requirements and up-to-date technical approaches.

Considering the ever-evolving needs of modern telecoms, the joint Tietoevry-Infopulse team produced a thorough analysis of options for billing solutions. Our analysts based their analysis on LMT’s business requirements, as well as on the following factors:

  • Technical – functionality of the solution
  • Integration – how seamlessly it could be integrated with a host of other telecom systems
  • Maintenance and support – how well the solution could be maintained
  • Pricing – how the solution matches the allocated budget

Business Value

As a result of feasibility analysis, RFI, and a thorough comparative analysis of the shortlisted vendors, LMT has now a roadmap for the billing system swap and the following tangible benefits for their business:

  • Clear understanding of their IT landscape
  • List of the billing system shortcomings and pain points
  • Stakeholder requirements and IT strategy definition
  • Knowledge-based approach to implementing organization-wide change 
  • Capabilities to devise the proper digital transformation strategy

As of July 2022, Infopulse and LMT continue cooperating on Conclusive Solution Selection Assistance (RFP).

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On behalf of LMT, we would like to express our gratitude to the Tietoevry-Infopulse team for the effective implementation of our latest project, where we defined and selected a new LMT IT target architecture in the BSS area. Since May 2021, we have been productively collaborating on this project, with many experts involved from both sides. Their contribution and expertise have been vital to the project results. Without your dedicated effort, LMT would not have succeeded with this important achievement. It has been a pleasure working with you!
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Uldis Tukāns
Head of Billing Management Division at LMT

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