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About the Customer:

Tietoevry Banking is a leading financial services software provider, helping banks, FinTech companies, and PSPs across 50+ countries leverage next-gen digital solutions to thrive in the dynamic industry. It offers a holistic portfolio of modular, cloud-native software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that cover all aspects of banking, including BaaS, Open Banking, payments, credit, insurance, fraud prevention, omnichannel banking, and more. Aiming to reinvent banking services for good, Tietoevry Banking develops software that empowers millions of people with fast, seamless, and secure digital banking.

Executive Summary

Goal: As part of a large-scale product modernization project, Tietoevry Banking aimed to fix the design debt, optimize maintenance costs, and build a seamless and consistent UX/UI across its core banking platform.

Solution: Infopulse developed 100+ use cases, user stories, and UI screens along with a custom design system to help the client build pixel-perfect, intuitive back-office interfaces, and scale the design as the product matured.

Benefits: The full-scale UI modernization of the core banking platform helped the client to increase customer satisfaction, make user-centric UI a new valuable selling point, and reduce maintenance costs with a new tech stack.

Services delivered: UX/UI design & consulting, custom development, cybersecurity services.


Business Challenge

One of the client’s principal software products is a core banking system that is offered as a SaaS solution for Norwegian banks. In 2018, the client realized that the solution no longer met the rapidly changing customer demands, as a part of the system still operated on a legacy mainframe-based environment. More specifically, the core banking solution lacked the agility and flexibility to help Norwegian banks rapidly deploy new financial services and had obsolete back-office interfaces.

To sustain its competitive advantage, the client embarked on an ambitious strategic project to transform the solution into a next-gen cloud-based core banking platform that could potentially be scaled across the entire Norwegian banking sector. One of the project pillars was focused on a full-scale UI overhaul, which had to help Tietoevry Banking tackle the following challenges:

  • Eliminate the existing design debt and build an intuitive and consistent UX/UI across the solution
  • Optimize excessive maintenance costs by migrating the legacy front-end to a new modern tech stack
  • Help customers streamline back-office management and improve employee satisfaction with a renewed, easy-to-use solution UI
  • Facilitate the platform onboarding process and minimize the learning curve for the end-users

Having won the trust of Tietoevry Banking throughout many years of successful collaboration, Infopulse was chosen as the key IT partner for yet another demanding and long-term digital transformation project.

Solution & Business Value

Throughout 3 years, Infopulse experts have contributed 20,000+ man-hours of front-end development and UX/UI services to help the client build a brand-new look and feel for the core banking platform. In addition, Infopulse developed a custom design system to scale the product’s design and maintain immaculate UX/UI consistency as the product evolves. As a result, Tietoevry Banking managed to:

  • Fix a long-lasting design debt and eliminate the burden of obsolete interfaces, which deteriorated the product’s functionality and user experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction through seamless back-office workflows that enable better business productivity, decision-making, and reduce the probability of human errors for Norwegian banks
  • Make user-centricity a new valuable selling point of the solution, as the end-users are empowered with an intuitive UI, easy navigation, personalized experiences, and frictionless onboarding
  • Significantly reduce core banking platform maintenance costs with a renewed, well-balanced front-end codebase
  • Enhance product security, achieve better data visibility, and minimize risks of unauthorized access with role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Sustain UX/UI consistency across a rapidly growing product that is intended to be scaled across the entire Norwegian banking sector.

Technical Details

The project began with a series of interviews and workshops, during which Infopulse analyzed the client’s business needs, IT landscape, the functionality of the core banking platform, its back-office workflows, and the existing UX/UI. Consequently, our team mapped the user journeys and created high-fidelity prototypes of the new back-office interfaces that went through extensive UI testing and iterative adjustments until they were completely aligned with the client’s needs. As a result, Tietoevry Banking received brand-new back-office interfaces with the following features:

  • Responsive web design optimized for different screen sizes, which ensures seamless UX across any type of devices
  • Simple and intuitive navigation with a coherent hierarchy of information to help end-users quickly access important data
  • Language selection, previous/frequent searches, and other features that enable personalized user experience
  • RBAC that protects sensitive data and provides access and editing capabilities only to authorized users

A significant part of the project was dedicated to the development of a custom design system, which serves as a centralized repository of reusable design patterns, code components, and style guides related to the client’s core banking platform. All reusable components within the design system are easily maintained, updated, and preliminarily tested for accessibility and usability. This means that the client’s employees will not have to create the same components from scratch and can easily scale the design as the product evolves while maintaining perfect UX/UI consistency.


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