Digital Solutions Enhance Business Efficiency of a Large Telco

Digitalizing Business Operations for a Global Telecom Company

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About the Customer:

Our client is a multinational telecommunication service company that provides connectivity and digital services to over 200 million customers across Europe, Asia, and Africa. As one of the largest global mobile network operators that is present in 13 dynamic markets, our client utilizes innovative technologies to expand its mobile network infrastructure, rollout new customer engagement platforms, and deliver advanced digital services to every subscriber.

Business Challenge

Our client provides voice, fixed broadband, data, and internet services to more than 200 million customers worldwide. To sustain the rapidly growing ecosystem and cope with the increasing customer demands, our client faced the need to implement advanced digital solutions that would optimize and support a wide range of business processes across the entire value chain. The primary business goals of our client were to:

  • Improve workflow productivity and consistency across all infrastructures;
  • Leverage business process automation to significantly reduce manual workload;
  • Facilitate decision-making and improve data accessibility;
  • Ensure effective collaboration between 16 subsidiary companies.
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To address the client’s challenges and specific business requirements, a whole portfolio of advanced solutions was developed by Infopulse from the ground up. Our experts have provided full-cycle software development services to our client, ranging from the selection of architecture and technologies to UX/UI design, implementation, integration, and support. Infopulse team is responsible for the development of the following solutions.

Tasks & Protocol Tracking Systems

Infopulse has developed two separate enterprise-wide task management and protocol tracking systems. The systems consolidate all tasks, follow-ups, and protocols that are created after meetings to enhance their management and status control. Users can add/delete/edit/set due dates, alerts, notifications, and track the status of each task and protocol. The systems feature multiple hierarchy display options like tree, sequence, or group view to promote convenience for the users. Moreover, both systems support configurable process flows, feature a flexible notification matrix, and include various access levels (like assignee, accountable, informed, etc.).

Roaming Management System

Infopulse has developed an advanced roaming management system that is powered by the latest Microsoft Azure tools and technologies, and efficient CI/CD processes. The system features high-end data management tools for all stages of the roaming lifecycle and includes a convenient collaboration platform that facilitates communication and data exchange between the client and its 16 subsidiary companies. Moreover, the solution automates various financial, analytical, and reporting activities, which further streamlines roaming management processes and significantly reduces the manual workload for the end-users.

Business Process Automation & Cooperation Tool

This tool consolidates the relevant operational data in one place and provides shared access to all subsidiary companies of our client. The solution features advanced automation capabilities that streamline day-to-day operations. Most importantly, the BPA & cooperation tool enables users to create, manage, and verify requests for external systems set up and enhances collaboration between all affiliates.

Cloud-Based Document Storage (CDS)

A cloud-based solution for storing different types of documents that features smooth navigation options (search, filtering, etc.). Each document can be stored with free or restricted access, which is set by the user prior to uploading the file. The solution allows uploading documents in multiple ways: via an e-mail, Outlook 365 Add-in, or CDS dashboards.

Management Information System

The solution is designed to improve collaboration with entities. It includes a portal with advanced features to manage stakeholders and engagements. Furthermore, the solution provides a tool for monitoring business risks and identifying opportunities within a specific country. After conducting the risk or opportunity analysis, the portal generates accurate statistics and comprehensive reports with valuable business insights.

Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing System

The portal allows users to create training events, upload different materials like documents, photos, video/audio files, as well to publish news, share ideas, and start discussions. The collaboration portal also includes a modern and convenient translation tool for all uploaded documents, posts, and news, including external web resources.

Complex Appraisal Tool

This is a comprehensive solution designed to motivate, retain, and reward the client’s employees. The appraisal tool facilitates compensation management and planning, allows defining and tracking workforce goals, and ensures accurate performance evaluation for every employee.

Market Data Portal

This portal provides instant access to relevant business information such as the latest industry news, technological trends, and analytical reports. Users can also add, delete, or edit the content items that are stored in the portal. All information is arranged into specific knowledge sections via a wide list of metadata parameters. The system also features an advanced search engine with flexible filtering criteria, allowing users to find the relevant information across the entire portal or in the respective sections.

Business Value

Infopulse conduced an organization-wide digital transformation of a multinational telecom company, optimizing business processes across all departments, and empowering the telecom giant with the ability to effectively sustain a rapidly growing business. Thanks to the advanced portals and tools developed by Infopulse, our client managed to:

  • Achieve full transparency and control over the task and protocol management processes;
  • Establish operational excellence by automating a broad spectrum of routine business processes;
  • Ensure swift and data-driven decision-making with the help of consolidated and easily accessible information;
  • Accurately anticipate business risks and identify valuable opportunities;
  • Enable swift and reliable collaboration between 16 subsidiary companies across the globe;
  • Improve workforce performance, productivity, and engagement;
  • Receive instant access to the most relevant business insights.


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