Digital Platform for Temporary Staff Placing & Scheduling

Creating stazzle – an Inventive Marketplace Platform that Digitizes Personnel Scheduling for Hospitals and Care Facilities








About the Customer:

HR Software Solutions GmbH is a rising competitor in the European market of cutting-edge e-recruitment solutions. Since its founding in 2016, they have successfully launched a number of online HR services aimed to support medium-sized companies and HR service providers by streamlining the recruitment process. One of their projects, stazzle, is a customized software and marketplace-like platform, designed to digitize the process of placing temporary staff at hospital and care facilities.

Business Challenge

Being a new but promising project, stazzle drew the attention of investors and received the first round of financing to help prove its potential.

HR Software Solutions selected Infopulse as their custom development service provider with relevant experience to:

  • Facilitate the development process of the solution
  • Cover the existing technological expertise gap
  • Support the in-house development team
  • Build the platform and deploy it to production


Infopulse specialists worked closely with the HR Software Solutions team to define the development roadmap, help achieve set objectives, and provide expert insights on further product development:

  • Developed the core of the product according to the client’s requirements and product strategy roadmap
  • Successfully launched a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the platform within the defined timeline
  • Delivered high-quality custom development service both for the frontend and backend of the solution
  • Closely coordinated the cooperation with an in-house team and project managers
  • Developed and integrated the administrative features of the platform, including the creation of the hospital, care, and medical staff accounts, process management tools, etc.
  • Designed and implemented the calendar module, which allows for creating time-specific inquiries and offers for the marketplace users
  • Visualized the data gathered by the platform and provided both hospitals and medical staff with insightful dashboards
  • Created automated unit tests
  • Developed API for stazzle mobile client
  • Provided extensive R&D services and consultations, including recommendations, feature reviews, and planning for the platform redesign and improvement
  • Utilized JSON Web Token for better security
  • Seamlessly integrated Elasticsearch for searching and logging
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Registration page
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Inquiry candidates
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Business Value

The in-depth expertise of the Infopulse team, coupled with the clear vision of the stazzle management, resulted in the successful completion of the set objectives.

  • The launch of MVP allowed us to validate the project vision and laid the foundation for the further development of stazzle.
  • Thanks to the holistic approach of our specialists, it became possible to reduce time and resources on testing, thus redirecting joint effort to the solution improvement.
  • At the moment, the Infopulse team helps HR Software Solutions review, improve, and polish the MVP version of the solution while actively contributing to the strategic decisions about redesigning stazzle and extending its functionality.

HR Software Solutions intends to continue cooperation with Infopulse based on the closely established partnership and excellent service quality.

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