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Leading Mobile Operator Accelerates the Digitalization of Core Business Processes

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About the Customer:

One of the leading Ukrainian mobile operators that provides a wide range of services, including 3G and 4G data transmission, mobile voice, messaging, fixed internet, mobile applications, and mobile TV.

Business Challenge

Apart from the abundant opportunities, the unprecedented rate at which data grows every day, poses some challenges for mobile network operators as well. To stay up to date with the latest technologies and increasing complexity of support services, telecom companies should align their development strategies with digital transformation.

Infopulse was contacted to take part in the implementation of a whole portfolio of high-tech solutions in line with the current digital transformation strategy of the client. The mobile communications provider selected Infopulse for our experience in the telecom industry and strong software R&D expertise, as they required assistance with solving related transformation challenges, including the following:

  • Implement process automation and modernization of the outdated CRM system to efficiently handle increasing sales
  • Create a secure mobile identity solution to enable users to utilize a SIM card as an identity tool for authentication
  • Comply with the regulator’s requirement to allow subscribers to switch mobile operators while maintaining the same phone number
  • Integrate a new IoT technology standard to enable connectivity for a large number of devices with low data transfer along with promoting the adoption of IoT applications (utility meters, monitoring sensors, object tracking systems) for housing and communal services.
Leading Mobile Operator Accelerates the Digitalization of Core Business Processes - Infopulse


In close cooperation with the client’s team, Infopulse contributed to an in-depth analysis of the company’s business requirements and assisted the telecom company by taking part in the implementation of a set of technology-driven tools that addressed their challenges.

  • An updated Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to manage the customer journey across all communication channels with the primary goal of transforming massive datasets into valuable insights that can be accessed through user-friendly customizable dashboards. By connecting fragmented systems into one comprehensible solution, our client managed to automate key sales, marketing, and customer service processes to allow for a cohesive and personalized customer journey.
  • Mobile ID platform – enables secure identity management and authentication service embedded into a special SIM card to allow subscribers to use an electronic signature for personal identification and other related activities. With E-signature integrated with ID.GOV.UA and a private key generated right on the SIM card, an elaborate document signing turns into a fast and secure process on-the-go.
  • Mobile number portability solution (MNP) was developed to comply with the regulator’s requirement and allow subscribers to switch from one mobile operator to another without changing their current phone number. The solution was realized by building a local database that connects to the regulator’s database and by creating a new routing logic for calls and SMS.
  • Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) solution was built to develop and expand the IoT ecosystem. This new technology standard for connecting IoT devices and applications requires less data and lower bandwidth, allowing for optimized energy use, high connection density, and a high level of LTE security. Narrowband-IoT coverage effectively addresses the rising needs of smart metering, smart city, and personal devices with low costs and low power consumption.


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Business Value

The Infopulse team has taken part in deploying a number of advanced digital solutions aimed at accelerating digitization of the business processes, automating workflow, amplifying productivity, and integrating innovation. Infopulse contributed to delivering a portfolio of high-tech solutions for a large mobile communications provider, which are essential for handling the continuously increasing traffic and growing operational complexity.  

  • Better customer acquisition with the updated CRM system 
  • New revenue streams with the mobile ID platform for secure authentication
  • Improved customer relationships with the MNP solution
  • Power efficiency and wider deployment for clients utilizing NB-IoT.

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