ING Bank: Facilitating End-of-Day Routine Operations

Facilitated Management of End-of-Day Routine Operations for ING Bank





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63 000+ (global)

About the Customer:

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The ING Group is a global financial corporation with 150-year background. ING Bank’s more than 63,000 employees offer retail and commercial banking services to over 32 million private, corporate and institutional clients in over 40 countries. ING Wholesale Banking Ukraine is a full subsidiary of ING, a leading global financial institution with a strong European base.

Business Challenge

  • ING Bank Ukraine had an application to support End-of-Day routine tasks in their operation department.
  • The application provided a set of checklists with operations that must be executed in specific time and order by bank employees or departments on a daily basis.
  • The application was based on IBM Lotus Notes and was difficult to maintain. That is why the client wanted to migrate it to the Microsoft platform.
Facilitated Management of End-of-Day Routine Operations for ING Bank - Case Image


  • Infopulse consultants migrated and partially re-engineered the existing application, bringing customer experience to the next level.
  • The new solution is built on Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise with web-based InfoPath forms.
  • Daily checklists with pending operations are published on the SharePoint portal and are assigned to responsible departments.
  • Intuitive dashboards and proactive alerting ensure hassle free EOD operations.
  • The solution enables monitoring who and when marked an operation as complete, adding an extra transparency layer. The system also supports business rules like “operation cannot be completed before preceding operations are completed”, “operation triggers mail notification when completed” etc.
  • Checklists support auditing and can be easily modified using the InfoPath Designer, thus, no development skills are required for process customization, which provided an additional value to the customer.

Business Value

  • A comprehensive solution to manage typical EOD challenges;
  • Improved operational efficiency, transparency, and employee productivity;
  • Flexibility in the system’s further support and maintenance.

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