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Leveraging RPA for Large Nordic Municipality




Cooperation period:

2019 - present


Public Sector



About the Customer:

Stavanger Kommune is a municipal organization that provides public services in Stavanger, Norway. With 140,000 citizens, Stavanger is the fourth most populated city in the country and an onshore center for Norway's oil industry. The municipality is responsible for all public services, including education, health services, economic development, unemployment, and much more, and strives to develop a diverse and competitive business environment throughout the region.

Business Challenge

As Stavanger, Finnøy, and Rennesøy municipalities are being merged into a New Stavanger Kommune, they decided to speed up their data migration processes while preserving the integrity and quality of the data. The landscape of systems, between which the information had to be transmitted, was very diverse as they operated various types of information: medical, pension, kindergarten/school, social, etc. Since each of the three municipalities could be using a different system to manage the same type of data, data migration and reconciliation would take a lot of time and effort, as it would have been done manually step-by-step. Automation of the data migration process would save Kommune employees a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on their primary duties.

Stavanger Kommune has selected Infopulse and Tietoevry Norway to create Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for data migration automation.

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The UiPath certified technology partners, Infopulse and Tietoevry created unattended bots utilizing UiPath to mimic the human actions and automate the flow of personal data migration.

The data was transferred by UiPath robots either to the new Stavanger Kommune systems or to the new versions of the existing solutions according to the designed workflows. To create accurate and well-thought-out workflows, the united team of Infopulse and Tietoevry worked closely with Stavanger Kommune technical experts. As each of the three municipalities could have a different system dealing with the same type of personal data, we would need to create a custom scenario for almost every case. The workflows were also checked within test environments before starting the data migration to ensure the quality of the results and nullify the chance of errors.

In the course of 2019, Infopulse and Tietoevry Norway successfully implemented 18 data migration automation projects with RPA for Stavanger Kommune.


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Business Value

The RPA implementation for Stavanger Kommune allowed to automate repeatable actions and conduct a smooth, error-free data migration from multiple legacy systems of the three municipalities. The Infopulse and Tietoevry team managed to achieve the following results for the client:

  • Cost savings of the initial project budget
  • Additional cost savings on UiPath software licenses
  • Total migration time greatly decreased
  • Total migration cost decreased compared to manual efforts and by using 3rd party application vendors
  • Integrating data from the scattered landscape of legacy systems
  • Minimized manual effort and involvement of Stavanger Kommune employees
  • Ensured top quality of data migration

Data migration with RPA is the first stage of the 4-year contract between Stavanger Kommune, Tietoevry, and Infopulse, as Stavanger Kommune looks forward to continuing its digital transformation journey.

Customer Quote

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Assistance of our partners at Infopulse and Tietoevry has turned out to be invaluable for Stavanger Kommune. By significantly speeding up the data migration processes, we saved a lot of time, resources, and efforts of our employees from manually conducting the IT merger of the three municipalities. The results have surpassed our expectations. Stavanger Kommune is very pleased with the results of Infopulse and Tietoevry work and their client-oriented approach, as they have proven to be professional, responsible, and trustworthy partners with deep experience in RPA (UiPath) solutions.
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Rune Hauge
Director, Digi Rogaland, Stavanger Kommune

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