Lviv Citizen Portal: Digitalizing Public Services

Lviv Citizen Portal: Digitalizing the Delivery of Government Services to the Public





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About the Customer:

Lviv, an unofficial capital of Western Ukraine with the population of over 720,000 people, is the leading e-governance trendsetter and one of the first cities in the country to provide electronic administrative services for its citizens.

Business Challenge

Lviv City Council wanted to “bring city government and public services to a completely new level”, according to Andrii Sadovyi, Lviv City Mayor and Head of the Lviv City Council. They approached Infopulse to develop a citizen portal that would digitalize the delivery of administrative services to the public.

There were additional challenges to integrate the solution with external systems, as the Infopulse team received different data arrays from varied services and had to connect disperse administrative, public and banking systems. E.g., the digital signature is not connected with the national passport information yet, so after authentication, the system can’t receive data that is mandatory for some of the services. Thus, the Infopulse team had to create different operating scenarios for various services requests depending on authorizations used.

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Infopulse was instrumental in delivering the solution from idea to the implemented and functioning system. The responsibilities of Infopulse covered business analysis, architecture design, implementation, and maintenance (3rd line support) of the solution.

The range of online services implemented by Infopulse covers all of the essential administrative functions:

  • Receiving certificates and documents online
  • Arranging appointments with civil servants or city officials
  • Paying for the utility services
  • Joining the housing queue
  • Checking the status of application for a service
  • Enrolling children in the kindergarten, and some others.

One of the key innovations of this project is a secure user authentication via digital technologies, namely Bank ID, Mobile ID, and digital signatures (EDS). Infopulse also provided a possibility to exchange requests between different administrative agencies and track request status.

To enhance digital customer experience, Infopulse implemented a mobile version of the cabinet, enabling anytime-anywhere access for the citizens on any handheld device.

In order to facilitate the future maintenance of the system, Infopulse developed a services constructor allowing portal administrators to alter the web and email templates without any vendors’ involvement.

To meet all the challenges and make the portal work as expected, Infopulse used such technologies as Microsoft SharePoint 2013, OWIN Web API 2.2, ASP.NET 4.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, XML, XSLT, OAuth 2.0, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Customer Quotes

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Infopulse is a reliable partner and innovative IT services provider of Lviv City Council. With Infopulse’s help, Lviv City Council has become one of the first local municipalities in Ukraine to provide electronic administrative services for the citizens. In 2015, Infopulse and their respected partners developed the multifunctional and secure Online Citizen Portal, based on MS SharePoint technology. The Citizen Portal empowers Lviv citizens with simplified online access to public and social services and allows them to interact with the city’s administration online. We are confident to recommend Infopulse as a reliable and qualified partner. As a result of operational excellence, the Online Portal has won the confidence of the Lviv citizens.
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Andriy Moskalenko
Deputy Mayor of Lviv
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Instead of talking (about fighting corruption), we need to implement certain procedures to mitigate all negative processes. While we are only at first stages of e-government implementation, we already have some important and positive changes. Any resident, looking to get a public or social service, should be treated with respect and diligence. We want to bring city government and public services to a completely new level. And while we talk about Smart City approach, it’s not only about e-government. Innovations should be everywhere on all levels.
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Andrii Sadovyi
Lviv City Mayor and Head of the Lviv City Council

Business Value

With the help of Infopulse, the customer received a stable, user-friendly solution that provides self-service e-governance features to the public and helps significantly minimize human factor. As of April 2017, the portal has over 150 online administrative services and saves the time of the citizens and the city’s expenses enabling a direct contact with the administration and government agencies.

Generally, the portal provides the following benefits for the client:

  • The solution is designed to support a wide range of services for both Lviv city administration and other government agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Fiscal Service, etc.) to the citizens.
  • The system was designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, allowing to add new services and features to the system on the fly without the need to involve programmers, thus significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  • The system meets the multi-tenancy requirements and, as an extra benefit, can be deployed for any city, with the possibility to be altered/redesigned according to the needs of any community.
  • The portal offers the flexibility and security of logging in through most online identifiers that operate in Ukraine.
  • The cabinet can be deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

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