Mobile Banking App White Labeled for 10+ Nordic Banks

Mobile Banking App White Labeled for 10+ Nordic Banks

10+ Large Nordic Banks




Banking & Finance

About the Customer:

Numerous Nordic financial institutions required a secure mobile application that would enable anytime-anywhere access to online banking services. Infopulse developed a native iOS & Android custom mobile app with robust security and a smooth user experience, which covered all key financial operations.

Business Challenge

Infopulse needed to develop a mobile app for secure anytime-anywhere mobile access to online banking services. This app would be later customized for large Nordic banks.

  • The applications had to provide a native iOS and Android user experience.
  • Since the app was intended to be used by different private customers, the application and its features had to be customizable and flexible.
  • The application had to combine the performance of frequently used functions while featuring a wide spectrum of modules well known from online banking.
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Infopulse designed and developed a native, highly customizable mobile application (iOS & Android) with high security, smooth user experience, and modern gadget features:

  • Real-time analysis of user behavior patterns;
  • Fast electronic invoices payments;
  • Modular architecture for easy customization for new banks;
  • Expert evaluation of the GUI;
  • Integration with security systems to provide secure authentication (TouchID).


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Business Value

The solution was white-labeled for 10+ large Nordic banks, bringing modern digital banking service to banks’ clients:

  • All web application features were redesigned and made fully functional in the mobile app, including the ability to check balance, transfer money between accounts, make payments, approve e-invoices on the go, etc.;
  • The mobile application is available on an excessive variety of handheld devices;
  • The app offers a variety of extra features, including access to insurance, stock trading, funds, calculators, and more, maximizing productivity, customer experience, and networking;
  • Useful information cards for better user experience.

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