QA Processes Transformation for a Large Bank | Case Study

QA Processes Transformation for a Large Bank

a Large Bank




Banking & Finance


3,000+ employees

About the Customer:

One of the largest banks in Georgia that provides a broad spectrum of financial services, including microfinancing, corporate and investment banking, insurance services, loan facilities, and asset management.

Business Challenge

The client’s key business goal was to increase the efficiency and swiftness of their automated and performance testing. During the project, the client’s primary approaches to QA practices had to be reviewed and reworked. The major challenges were to:

  • Choose the most effective tools for automated and performance testing;
  • Develop a new strategy and a systematic approach to QA practices;
  • Design a multi-layer architecture and implement a series of successful automated tests.
QA Processes Transformation for a Large Bank - Case Image


Infopulse performed a precise assessment and helped the customer choose the most efficient tools for their QA practices. The tools were selected via a sophisticated comparison matrix that included 67 parameters for automated testing, and 59 for performance testing.

The experts of Infopulse organized a series of intensive QA trainings, 8 days for automated and 6 days for performance testing. The customer’s team was provided with all of the needed educational materials, including books, video content, and links to useful articles and forums. Additionally, Infopulse created and implemented an efficient testing PoC project, further used to validate the chosen approaches and reinforce theoretical knowledge in practice.


Apache JMeter for performance testing logo
Apache JMeter
and many others

Business Value

  • Delivery of an efficient pilot project in performance testing allowed detecting business-critical errors and fixing them.
  • The conducted training sessions formed an efficient and motivated QA team at the client side.
  • Infopulse QA experts showed further directions of development in terms of application testing.
  • The provided consulting services allowed the customer to spare a considerable amount of budget and time by avoiding the trial and error approach in choosing the right tools and building efficient QA practices.

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