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Radio Network Optimization for Telecom Giant

Large EU Telecom Provider



Cooperation period:

2019 - present





About the Customer:

An ICT service company from Europe was looking to ensure the quality of the network as part of the new bands rollout. Discover how Infopulse helped the client foster site acceptance and tuning along with continuous network optimization that resulted in disruption-free services for millions of subscribers.

Business Challenge

As part of new technologies and bands rollout plans, Large EU Telecom Provider anticipated a grand scope of changes in the network that could lead to potential instabilities and sub-optimal performance. Alongside with that, numerous new RAN features had to be implemented. Our client aimed to ensure that the quality of service was not deteriorating, and the network stayed well optimized. Assuring the quality of the network was especially important due to the variety of LTE bands and the addition of the MIMO technology to the existing sites.

Expecting a growing number of monitoring and troubleshooting tasks, the Telecom Giant aimed to address the following challenges:

  • Handle increased rollout volumes;
  • Secure overall network performance stability, as well as targeted KPIs for individual modernized sites;
  • Review existing site acceptance flow, responsibility between units, documentation standards related to site-building and acceptance;
  • Optimize business processes to increase efficiency and ensure quality.

Naturally, for a telecom company with millions of subscribers, maintaining a sustainable growth strategy requires regular network optimization and tuning in line with the latest software and hardware capabilities. This is where Infopulse came into play with its expertise.

Radio Network Optimization for Telecom Giant - Case Image


Infopulse closely cooperated with the client’s local team in Europe to foster site acceptance and initial site tuning as well as continuous network optimization, taking care of such vital processes as:

  • Remote acceptance and initial tuning for new and modernized RAN sites;
  • Continuous statistic-based and drive testing -based RAN optimization and troubleshooting for GSM, UMTS, and LTE;
  • Quality assurance of subscriber services on the RAN side, both existing and newly introduced.

In the span of a year, Infopulse site acceptance team enhanced radio network quality and made it more trouble proof for the subscribers by achieving the following:

  • Improved current network acceptance flow at all levels, making it complete, consistent, and more transparent;
  • Conducted troubleshooting and acceptance of 800+ multi-band and multi-standard BTS, including new, relocated and modernized sites;
  • In addition to LTE, optimized 2G/3G and PCI/RSI plans, and conducted estimation of the capacities of the new sites;
  • Performed the rigorous network configuration audit to discover and fix hidden performance issues, as well as to update and improve network technical documentation;
  • Together with the client’s Operations & Maintenance department, performed software upgrades and updates to BTS, activated and configured latest RAN features, provided additional support during the launching of sites, and helped with analytics during their maintenance period.

In parallel, the Infopulse network team, in conjunction with the client’s local teams, were closely involved in the launch and support of the new LTE bands and new nationwide telecom network services. We helped the Telecom Giant to deliver exceptional value and quality to millions of their subscribers using such technologies as VoLTE, CS Fallback, LTE Carrier Aggregation, and others.


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Business Value

With firsthand experience in a diverse set of telecom technologies, Infopulse helped Large EU Telecom Provider secure network quality and performance at a national level. Being involved in a wide range of technical processes, Infopulse added value to our client’s business through:

  • Orchestrating new effective network project management processes;
  • Improving network rollout speed and quality;
  • Ensuring that more than 800 multi-band and multi-standard BTS perform like clockwork.

In the end, this cooperation helped to ensure that millions of subscribers have the privilege of using disruption-free telecom services, while our client’s network, taking advantage of the latest tech, is secured from degradation and ready for further expansion. We are delighted that the Infopulse team played a role in this success.

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