SKU Business Process Automation with a UiPath RPA Solution

Process Automation for Efficient SKU Management for MHP








About the Customer:

Founded in 1998, MHP is a large international food and agro-technical company comprising more than 30 enterprises and having more than 32,000 employees throughout Ukraine and other countries. MHP is the leading producer of poultry products not only in Ukraine but also in the Balkans (Perutnina Ptuj Group).

Business Challenge

MHP manages approximately a hundred businesses within its structures as a large agricultural holding. The number of MHP’s products with unique names, pricing, and other data is immense and in constant fluctuation. That is why our client stumbled upon a host of challenges related to the process of manually inserting SKUs and barcodes into its ERP system, especially during high loads when SKUs are added or removed on a large scale.

MHP was looking for a reliable IT partner to implement an elegant RPA solution that would: 

  • Automate and standardize routine back-office operations
  • Incorporate exceptions in the data pipeline
  • Build a non-linear business logic to accommodate numerous exceptions
  • Simplify the data entering process from the ITSM to the ERP system
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To accommodate MHP requirements and demonstrate the viability of the automation solution, we started with a PoC based on Microsoft Power Automate technology. The client was satisfied with the demonstrated capabilities of the solution but opted for the UiPath automation platform for the final project.

In 2 months, with the joint effort of the MHP and Infopulse teams, we automated the processes of entering SKUs and barcodes from the internal ITSM to MHP’s ERP system. We built an automation business logic for MHP that consolidates numerous rule exceptions and complex non-linear logic branching.

As a result, an RPA solution built on UiPath includes the following features:

  • Connected UiPath with Microsoft Teams with the help of REST API and webhook for automated notification dispatch
  • API for the communication with ITSM to avoid GUI instability
  • Hotkeys and navigation through text (keywords) – for the parts in the ERP system where the selectors are unavailable
  • Implementation of the UiPath framework to break complex and non-linear processes into logic model steps that increase automation fault tolerance and leverage future changes and support
  • Established a webhook for sending notifications to the support team in Microsoft Teams and our development team


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Business Value

Infopulse developed the process automation solution guided by the scalability principle, which allows the client to scale and deploy this solution for its subsidiary companies as well.

By implementing an RPA solution to automate a host of processes related to the entering of SKUs and barcodes from the internal ITSM to the ERP system, Infopulse helped MHP receive the benefits of:

  • Increased productivity on the organization-wide scale
  • Reduced the time of task execution
  • Increased the accuracy and quality of the data
  • 24/7 availability of the data processing in the ERP system
  • Freed up data accounting department specialists from routine work

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