Driving Digital Transformation with a RPA Solution - Case Study

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution for European Safety Leader

Leader in Alarms & Security Systems



Cooperation period:

2017 - present


Software & Hi-Tech



About the Customer:

Our client is the second largest alarm company in Europe that provides security services for households and small businesses to hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe.

Business Challenge

Over the past few years, our client has made a leap in its digital transformation by implementing a multitude of RPA solutions. After the initial rapid adoption of the technology, they faced the necessity to perfect the existing implementation, as well as enable its further evolution.

The customer collaborated with Infopulse to strengthen its robotic automation expertise and benefit from implementing a cutting-edge RPA solution.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution for European Safety Leader - Case Image


Infopulse RPA team contributed to the customer’s development processes, helping refine and leverage a cognitive computing solution based on the UiPath platform:

  • Provided an upgrade of the database server, as well as an update of the existing suite of solutions and services;
  • Restructured internal components of the solution to enable simpler development workflow;
  • Designed and implemented new scenarios of automated processes according to business demands;
  • Improved interoperability of the existing robots with business-critical services;
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current setup and provided the development plan;
  • Organized an in-depth analysis of the efficiency of the used resources;
  • Enabled native Git integration for faster and more secure development;
  • Ensured flawless operation by addressing legacy issues of the solution.


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Facts & Results


tasks processed per day


FTE saved annually

Business Value

Powered by UiPath, an advanced RPA solution favored our customer with better operational efficiency, saved time and resources on cumbersome, repetitive procedures, and allowed focusing on core business processes, thanks to:

  • Up to 3,700 tasks processed per day;
  • 26 FTE/year saved on a single automated process;
  • Seamless migration to a new, upgraded database server for flawless system performance;
  • High level of cybersecurity and system reliability ensured by deploying an up-to-date version of UiPath;
  • Redesign and optimization of the existing automated processes;
  • Defining and implementing a set of new automation sequences to cover emerging business needs;
  • Microsoft Power BI integration for performance analytics;
  • Well-organized integral structure and careful documentation of the solution.

Having achieved a set of business goals for this project, the customer continues cooperation with Infopulse for further development of the RPA solution.

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