RPA Solution for a Restoration and Construction Company

Efficient RPA Solution for a Restoration & Construction Company

Restoration & Construction Company







About the Customer:

Our customer provides various types of construction works, fire and water damage restoration, daily or special cleaning, and waste management services across the Nordic region.

Business Challenge

The company receives a large number of customer inquiries, some of which have a high level of urgency, and must be resolved in the shortest time possible. The primary business challenge was to ensure swift and reliable inquiry processing while reducing human workload. Moreover, our client had to optimize numerous financial operations, specifically invoice creation, budget updates, and management functions – generation of weekly/monthly reports.

Infopulse experts consulted the client and suggested the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline the key business functions and establish an efficient financial management system.

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Infopulse has developed an advanced RPA solution that provides complete integrated 24/7 automation of many business-critical processes. In combination with two communication portals – In4mo, a claims processing solution for insurance and construction companies, and Plivo, a voice and SMS platform – the unattended RPA robot performs the following functions:

  • Checks the e-mail inquiries and identifies the task type (construction, restoration, etc.), insurance company name, project code, etc.;
  • Assigns the task to the responsible manager and informs him via an SMS notification;
  • In case of emergency, managers receive a phone call. If the manager is unavailable, the team manager is informed.

In addition to automating the customer inquiry processing, the RPA solution was integrated with the Uni Economy accounting system in order to streamline financial management. As a result, the RPA system automatically:

  • Registers a project in the system;
  • Generates invoices in accordance with the e-mail information ;
  • Checks the invoice correctness and sends it to the customer;
  • Maintains and updates the project’s budget information;
  • Creates and delivers weekly/monthly financial and management reports.


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Facts & Results


Business processes were automated 


Business-critical processes fully automated


Faster client cases processing


Work hours saved monthly


Fewer SMS notifications sent daily

Business Value

Infopulse RPA solution currently automates 98% of the core customers’ daily business processes, with only invoice correctness checking left to employees, as the customer requested. As a result, our customer received:

  • Full automation of 18 business-critical processes, including inquiry processing and financial management;
  • Efficiency improved by 5 full-time equivalents (FTEs);
  • 3X increase in the speed of case processing from 9 insurance companies, with just 24 seconds per case;
  • A more precise and optimized manager notification system, with 200 SMS sent daily instead of 500.

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