SAP Fiori and My Inbox Development for a Large Manufacturer

SAP Fiori Kickoff for a Leading Metals & Mining Company

Large Group of Steel & Mining Companies







About the Customer:

Our customer is an industry-leading group of metals and mining companies that focuses on mining and processing of iron ore, and manufacturing of steel products. With 14+ years’ experience in the metals and mining industry, our customer operates across Ukraine, Europe, and the US and has $9 billion in revenue.

Executive Summary

Goal: Enhance the functionality and accessibility of the SAP My Inbox App for 1,000+ users, and implement desktop and mobile versions tailored to specific business needs.

Solution: Implemented an optimal solution after testing a number of solution prototypes in SAP Build and Axure RP, complemented with mobile SAP Fiori Client and web-based SAP Fiori apps with full-screen operation and enhanced attachment handling. 

Benefits: Decision-making from anywhere with mobile and desktop app functionality, accelerated user-app interaction, and an extended IT landscape that allows additional functionality for a wider range of business challenges. 

Services delivered: SAP custom development, Web applications development, Mobile applications development. 

SAP Fiori Kickoff for a Leading Metals & Mining Company - Case Study Image

Business Challenge

Our customer aimed to provide easy access to SAP My Inbox App for 1,000+ users, who required the application to execute important business tasks on a daily basis. Since My Inbox App manages workflows in SAP Fiori Concepts, our customer faced the following challenges:

  • The need to extend the IT landscape with a Fiori project;
  • Both desktop and mobile versions of SAP My Inbox had to be developed from scratch, as the customer’s needs were out of the scope of basic pre-installed app in SAP Fiori Package;
  • Implementation of Fiori Launchpad that had to be supported from both desktop and mobile devices.


The Infopulse team provided the following solutions:

  • Created the development environment in accordance with the relevant SAP standards and recommendations;
  • Developed various prototypes made in SAP Build and Axure RP, that allowed the customer to choose an optimal solution;
  • Developed, tested, and integrated the solution into the customer’s IT landscape.

Within three months, our team managed to deliver all of the required functionality and successfully began the Go-Live phase. The mobile solution SAP Fiori Client complemented the web-based SAP Fiori apps, with device integration, full-screen operation, and enhanced attachment handling.

Business Value

  • Ensured business continuity with the ability to make business decisions from anywhere and anytime;
  • Significantly accelerated user-app interaction in comparison with the old SAP interface;
  • Extended IT landscape that allows implementing additional apps and solving a wider range of business challenges;
  • Infopulse provided expert training sessions to the customer’s staff, who can now further develop the application internally.


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