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ServiceNow KPI Reporting for a Global Audit & Consultancy Company

Global Audit & Consultancy Company



Cooperation period:

2008 - present


Professional Services


100 000+

About the Customer:

Our client is a multinational audit and consultancy company that provides a full range of consulting, risk management, legal, tax, and financial advisory services for its customers across the globe.

Business Challenge

As a global organization, our client has to enable efficient support of an array of business processes that involve 100,000+ employees worldwide, ensuring the seamless functioning of a comprehensive IT infrastructure that includes thousands of applications, servers, and databases. The company utilizes ServiceNow to enable process automation and store the relevant process data, including different kinds of tickets, their statuses, SLAs, etc. To improve the productivity of IT teams, facilitate decision-making, and resolve process gaps and inconsistencies, our customer had to:

  • Enable a more precise and efficient IT process performance tracking.
  • Combine data from ServiceNow and other sources and represent it in a set of convenient dashboards and reports.
  • Find a way to access both historic and real-time data to present it in a business context.
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Upon the customer’s request, Infopulse implemented the ServiceNow KPI Reporting solution, which addressed the organization’s challenges related to IT process performance tracking. The solution generates dashboards and comprehensive reports according to the custom KPIs and delivers valuable insights to the business units and process owners. The key features of the ServiceNow KPI reporting solution include:

  • Holistic performance monitoring of incident, change, and request management, as well as other key ITSM processes according to the customer’s KPIs.
  • An e-mailing service that sends out an in-depth analysis of the selected KPI values to the process owners.
  • Convenient data representation in the form of visually rich dashboards and reports with custom parameters.
  • Ability to access both real-time and historic data that concerns the IT process performance.
  • Option to extract process-related data from ServiceNow, combine it with data from other sources, and build custom reports with Tableau, Qlik Sense, and MS SQL.


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Business Value

After the implementation of the ServiceNow KPI Reporting solution, our client benefited from:

  • A secure platform that acts as a single source of truth and significantly facilitates IT process management.
  • An advanced reporting system that provides historic/real-time process insights in the form of offline and online reports.
  • End-to-end visibility and effective performance measurement of IT processes across multiple departments.
  • Quick detection of possible IT process bottlenecks, gaps, and inconsistencies.
  • Ongoing continuous support, with options to customize the solution’s capabilities by adding, removing, or updating specific KPIs, dashboards, or processes.

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