Ensuring Web Content Accessibility for a Fintech Company

Enhancing Web Content Accessibility for a Fintech Company to Pass Certification

Fintech Company



Cooperation period:

2017 - present


Banking & Finance



About the Customer:

An EU-based fintech software company that produces regulatory software for banks, tax authorities, pension and insurance regulators, and other authorities.

Business Challenge

We were approached by a financial software company, with a request to improve one of their existing solutions to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and related standards.

The challenge was modifying the existing front-end part in a very tight timeframe without affecting the product’s intended functionality and features, testing the modified product for consistency and compliance under conditions of limited application of automated tools.

Enhancing Web Content Accessibility for a Fintech Company to Pass Certification - Case Image


To meet the timeframe, Infopulse organized a very fast start providing a team of Project Manager, Solution Architect, Senior Developer, 3 Middle Developers, and Manual QA Engineer.

Taking WCAG 2.1 as the target standard, the team amended design and code accordingly, with testing focused on accessibility requirements.

To cover all possible cases and mitigate test automation risks, the team decided to engage manual testing to check semantic structure, navigation, titles, headings, hyperlinks, tables, and forms for consistency, proper labeling and attributes. The interactive elements, e.g. page zooming, keyboard controls, modal windows, timeouts, etc., were also checked manually to ensure they are accessible to all visitors.

Business Value

Online application enabling customer’s clients to have access to provided financial services in compliance with the industry standards, preparedness for formal WCAG certification.

Delivered services:

  • Architecture and design
  • Software development
  • Testing focused on accessibility requirements


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