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About the Customer:

The client of Infopulse is one of the world’s leading Secure Technology and Smart Card production enterprises. The company provides solutions to a vast portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, manufacturers, mobile operators, governmental organizations, and much more.

Business Challenge

  • Modern mobile and financial services require smart (SIM) card-side software installation.
  • In case of GSM networks, the delivery of SIM card applications is performed over the SMS traffic, standardized in the scope of the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol.
  • Any massive deployment campaign across all of the cards of a mobile network operator requires a scalable and stable software solution based on the SMPP protocol.
  • A secure, cryptographic channel is required according to the industry standards.
  • The client of Infopulse needed a solution meeting all of the above requirements to be developed.
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  • The existing client proprietary SMPP (SMPP33, SMPP34) server was rewritten, enhancing its load-balancing and failover capabilities.
  • Open-source implementations of the SMPP protocol were audited in order to use the corresponding experience as lessons learned.


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Business Value

  • The client received a significantly optimized, scalable and reliable SMPP-based system for seamless smart card application deployment.
  • The cooperation enabled a new nation-wide scale of smart card apps deployment, which was successfully launched in a number of European and LATAM countries: up to 1 Million app installations per day for each country.

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