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How Bosch, Corteva and Offshore Norge Drive Their Business with Custom Apps

If you do not settle for being just different … be much better.

Day and night labor can cost too much and shed too little light on your business success path. The ‘next big thing’ might seem unclear to try reinventing the wheel. Instead, we would like to reassure you that working smart along with a reliable tech partner could be a worthwhile alternative.

During rush hour, the chaos of pandemics, and global uncertainty, when nearly everyone struggles to be ahead of the curve, it is worth pausing and holding back, carefully planning your next move.

Do not forfeit actual dividends tailor-made software can offer. Find the missing edge you lack to push forward fiercely, be tough and creative enough to succeed, and do business in a socially responsible way. At Infopulse, we are sure that facts are more trustworthy than just claims. Thus, we decided to back up our simple promise with real success stories.


Read 3 case studies to discover:

  • How tailor-made inventory solution enabled sharing economy for Oil and Gas operators in the Nordics.
  • Why Bosch leads the field with its custom emergency service created in partnership with Infopulse.
  • The ways Corteva solved farming challenges with a unique agriscience app built from scratch.

Build a unique product, attract the right audience, and reach sustainable business goals through tailor-made IT solutions. Discover the full-cycle custom software development services from Infopulse.

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