Infopulse Poland wins 2021 Outsourcing Stars Gala award

BSS Forum Award: a Defining Moment for Infopulse Poland

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Infopulse is extremely glad to be recognized as the TOP IT outsourcing company in Poland. In the country’s unique non-commercial contest for the modern business services industry, we have won the Outsourcing Stars Gala award and made it to 1st place. Infopulse is honored to be among the crème de la crème of local software development businesses.

The recognition at Outsourcing Stars Gala marks a significant milestone for Infopulse’s Polish subsidiary that ended up among the most promising and dynamic organizations in the sector. This award celebrates our ability to extend our expertise and cover wider geography of clients, as we grasp a tremendous opportunity to bring value to more SMEs and enterprises across borders. We will introduce the power of digital to local companies that want to gain a competitive advantage through innovation-driven solutions.

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Infopulse has been successfully developing on international markets for about 30 years. However, we have been present in Poland for less than 3 years. An interesting and challenging adventure began in 2018.
Satisfied customers, a rapidly growing team, and a milestone in the form of a distinction at the Outsourcing Stars Gala are the best confirmation that we have chosen the best possible development direction.It is really a great feeling and satisfaction that after such a short time, we have been recognized as the top software development company in the country! Each award is a great joy, especially if it is the result of the work of an amazing team that has much more aces up their sleeves.
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Łukasz Olechnowicz
CEO at Infopulse Poland

Since 2013, the Outsourcing Stars Gala has been a triumph of progress and innovation in the Polish business services industry. The competition at BSS Forum is held by Pro Progressio, a unique end-to-end business support organization that curates the development of local entrepreneurs with a focus on business services operations. After conducting interviews with companies’ top management, the organizers analyzed the responses and benchmarked them against the competition with the help of an algorithm-driven scoring system. As a result, our company was chosen as a winner.

About BSS Forum

The BSS Forum is one of the regular events Pro Progressio organizes, where the participants share their views on the industry-leading practices in the corporate landscape, human resource management, and the urban business ecosystem. The 2021 BSS Forum united the most rapidly growing businesses that together discussed the tenets of operational excellence, including locations for administration centers, human capital, legal matters, and personal growth. This year thought leaders delivered 15 different webinars including discussion panels and lectures.

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