New features in the PACE Packager Hub 2.0 by Infopulse

Welcome PACE Packager Hub 2.0 with Analytics and Tracking

Infopulse has released a new version of the out-of-the-box solution PACE Packager Hub with new functionality on board.

PACE Packager Hub 2.0 is out now with analytics module, holistic order tracking, smart customizable notifications, and much more inside.

Aiming to continuously improve the tools for application packaging specialists, we have taken into account the user feedback and added new functionality to PACE Packager Hub.

Highlights of the new release:

  • new Analytics module with Dashboards, Reporting & convenient Export options;
  • holistic order tracking via History of Changes;
  • highly customizable Notifications: in-app or email;
  • improved user experience with new options for messaging, doc sharing, and personal user settings in the system.

Visit to learn more about all the new functionality of the PACE Packager Hub 2.0!

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