BICS Establishes at Infopulse 1st Offshore IREG Testing Team

BICS Establishes at Infopulse First Offshore IREG Testing Team in Ukraine

BICS Establishes at Infopulse First Offshore IREG Testing Team in Ukraine - Infopulse - 367773

Based upon the positive experience with the IT development outsourcing in different areas, BICS decided to extend the existing long term relationship with Infopulse into the IREG testing and pro-active maintenance area.

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Our main focus is to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability, and interoperability. Therefore, we always pay close attention to the testing of all our services. In order to sustain the growth of our business, BICS has been looking to extend its capacity in IREG testing and to combine this with pro-active maintenance tasks in the network. After the comparison of several options, BICS decided to extend the existing relationship with Infopulse to this area. The main drivers for this decision have been the flexibility and understanding of our needs by Infopulse, and the quality and cost of the resources we found. The first six months of our collaboration confirmed that the choice we made was a good one
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 Ronald Ballet
Director IT Development and Offshoring at BICS.
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We very much appreciate the confidence BICS has shown with respect to Infopulse involving us in their delivery model and transferring to us more and more important and challenging tasks. We will apply our best expertise and many years experience of both Infopulse and EDB ErgoGroup to ensure the great value of our partnership. Our ambition is to be the leading IT outsourcing vendor for telecom institutions in CEE region, and the start of new delivery for BICS is an important evidence of the success of our commitment to this market
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Alexei Sigov
General Director at Infopulse comments

More about the delivery

“Roaming is essential for Mobile Operators. Therefore new agreements need to be thoroughly tested. The Infopulse team’s task is to perform IREG testing and trouble shooting based upon GSM standards (ex. Voice, SMS, GPRS, CAMEL) for mobile services offered by BICS.

They also support BICS in doing pro-active monitoring and repair in order to assure an excellent service to its customers. The ability of Infopulse to quickly get familiar with the existing processes and the excellent collaboration with the BICS operational teams show good potential to support BICS’ further growth of its business” says Erno Stouten, Head of Service Fulfillment at BICS.

About BICS

BICS delivers best in class global solutions for Voice, Messaging, Roaming, Connectivity and Mobile Financial Services to hundreds of telecommunication providers around the world. With our passionate and creative teams located in Brussels, Bern, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore and New York, we continuously strive to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality, reliability and interoperability that enable them to maximise end-user value. Our innovative approach is visible through our place at the forefront of the market consolidation and technology advancement. We are a joint venture of BICS, Swisscom and MTN, and have rolled out transformative Next Generation Networks (NGN). This together with our continued focus on Value Added Services for Mobile Operators and our growth strategy has enabled us to reach a world-leading position both on the International Voice and Mobile Data markets.

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