EVRY&Tieto Form TietoEVRY, Nordic Digital Services Company

EVRY and Tieto Form TietoEVRY – a Leading Nordic Digital Services Company

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On December 5, 2019, EVRY, a leading Nordic tech company and a parent company of Infopulse, and Tieto, global Finnish IT services and software company, announced the closing of the merger agreement.

Tieto Corporation and EVRY ASA joined forces to create TietoEVRY – one of the most competitive digital services and software companies in the Nordics. With local proximity and global capabilities, a workforce of 24,000 professionals, and the annual turnover of approximately EUR 3 billion, TietoEVRY Corporation will deliver Digital Advantage for its 10,000 corporate clients across 90 markets. Acting on the basis of openness, trust, and diversity, TietoEVRY implements leading digital consulting practices, competitive industry-specific software, and scalable technology platforms to bring more value to businesses and societies globally.

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We believe that TietoEVRY has the deepest customer insight, evolved over the past fifty years. This insight comprises of the knowledge of our customers’ culture, business, and architectures, and enables us to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to accelerate your competitiveness and make your business future proof.
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Kimmo Alkio
President and CEO, TietoEVRY

Now that the merger is legally finalized, TietoEVRY aims to begin joint operations in January 2020. The newly formed company will have its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, while the corporate and management functions will be distributed across Oslo, Stockholm, and Espoo.

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As we aim to discover the latest technological advances together with our existing clients and prospective partners, the merger of Tieto and our parent company EVRY creates limitless possibilities for Infopulse. Being a part of TietoEVRY will allow us to gain and share unique knowledge, expertise, and experience in numerous domains, boosting our efforts in terms of digital transformation services provisioning. Infopulse takes this occasion to express our sincere gratitude to all our clients and partners for your support and trust as we work together and expand our partnerships. With a focus on excellence and innovation, as well as with the deepest respect for our clients’ business needs, Infopulse continues providing you with the best service possible.
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Andrey Anissimov
Infopulse CEO

As a 100% subsidiary of EVRY, and now a part of TietoEVRY, Infopulse ensures continuity of all ongoing deliveries. The merger is expected to have zero negative effects on Infopulse operations and ways of business conduct. Team composition engaged with ongoing projects will remain unaffected, while in a long-term prospect Infopulse will continue growing its own capabilities and competencies, as we expand our presence across selected and new markets.

For more information on the Tieto-EVRY merger agreement, kindly, refer to tietoevry.com. In the meantime, Infopulse will continue to update you on the important news regarding our business.

If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries concerning this announcement, please don’t hesitate to address them to your key contact person in Infopulse.

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