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Infopulse and NUCC Host a Meeting with Norwegian Start-Ups

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On March 06-10, 2018, NUCC, IT Ukraine Association, Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine, Infopulse and other Ukrainian IT companies, hosted an introductory meeting with the representatives of the Norwegian start-up community.

The guests from Norway (Nyskapingsparken/Bergen Teknologioverføring, ConnectTrøndelag, Meracio, Proneo, Digs) met with the Ukrainian government officials, as well as with the representatives of the Ukrainian start-ups, universities, student communities, local businesses and IT companies. The primary aim of the meeting was to examine new business opportunities in IT while showcasing Ukrainian business climate, capabilities, and expertise. Besides, Ukrainian universities and student organizations spoke about their experience of cooperating with local IT businesses.

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As a one of the leading IT outsourcing and software development destinations in Europe, Ukraine has a rich pool of talents and some of the greatest minds! Ukrainian IT Industry is very effective at creating innovative products, powered by the state-of-the-art technologies, such as IoT, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. We see amazing synergy between Norwegian start-ups and the local IT Industry, opening many exciting prospects for all parties involved.
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Linda Skjold Oksnes
Project Manager at NUCC
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A part of Nordic second largest IT company EVRY, and an active member of NUCC and IT Ukraine Association, Infopulse is happy to offer our help to Norwegian start-up community. Based on our overwhelmingly positive experience working with Norwegian businesses and our involvement in EVRY’s Innovations Lab Initiative, we believe that closer ties and cooperation between Norway and Ukraine bring significant benefits to both countries. Together, businesses and communities can implement the bravest transformative ideas for the better future – and they have full support from EVRY and Infopulse.  
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Jan Keil
Infopulse VP of Marketing

Meeting participants have agreed on redoubling the mutual efforts in a number of areas, including academic initiatives, and will continue exploring ways and directions for enhanced collaboration.

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