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Infopulse Appoints EVP Corporate Development

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Infopulse is announcing that Eugene Novikov, EVP Client Business Unit, was named EVP Corporate Development. This appointment allows for further improvements to corporate development efforts, establishing new partnerships and increasing Infopulse’s presence in global markets.

In his new role, Mr. Novikov will be responsible for the management of Infopulse’s growth efforts, overseeing internal organizational changes, conducting an evaluation of company’s performance, improving coordination between departments, etc. Together with Infopulse CTO office, Eugene will drive the development of Infopulse’s Centers of Excellence and of other crucial business operations.

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As EVP Corporate Development, I would like to express my gratitude to our executive management and colleagues for their trust and cooperation. Currently, we are developing and launching a number of internal corporate initiatives. This will lead us to facilitation and optimization of the company operations, which is of particular importance with us becoming an integral part of EVRY. I actively review new opportunities that should accelerate our growth and global presence. With a full support from my colleagues and looking at our successes, I believe that by working as one team we can achieve a lot.
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Eugene Novikov
Infopulse EVP Corporate Development

Following his graduation from Kiev Polytechnic Institute with MS Computer Science degree in 1997, Eugene contributed his talents to a number of Ukrainian and US-based product companies. Having started as a regular engineer, Eugene grew to the role of coordinator, responsible for interaction between various departments and business units, forming and managing engineering teams of up to 80 specialists.

Mr. Novikov started his career at Infopulse in 1997. Eugene was working as both company’s own employee in 1997-2001, 2004-2006 and 2014-2016 as well as was involved in efforts with such Infopulse customers as ADIC (now Quantum) and Mindspeed technologies (now parts of M/A-Com and Intel) on robotic solutions for data storage solutions and managing Mindspeed’s Ukrainian design center for over 8 years.

In July 2014, Mr. Novikov returned to Infopulse as EVP Client Business Unit and managed one of the most important business units in the company with over 300 specialists onboard.

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Mr. Novikov’s achievements on this and previous positions have proven that he has an extensive industry experience, a solid grasp of our clients’ requirements, a clear understanding of internal processes and corporate values. His professional skills, personal traits and quality of his work meet the requirements of this position perfectly. I sincerely congratulate Eugene and wish him best of luck in his new role.
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Andrey Anissimov
Infopulse CEO

With a dedicated team and Eugene as EVP Corporate Development, Infopulse is now ready to tackle new business opportunities.

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