Infopulse Becomes a Member of Cyber-Security Council Germany

Infopulse Becomes a Member of Cyber-Security Council Germany

Recently, Infopulse received its membership approval, joining the Cyber-Security Council Germany.

This reputable organization unites experts, large and medium-sized enterprises, critical infrastructure operators, and policymakers in cybersecurity. The major purpose of Cyber-Security Council is to provide advice to government agencies, businesses, and public organizations on strengthening their cybersecurity posture and efficient struggling the cybercrime.

Since its foundation in 2012, this Berlin-based cybersecurity association has made a significant contribution to the world cybersecurity advancement.

From now on, Infopulse broadens its engagement in cybersecurity initiatives and projects in a European and international context. As a member of the Cyber-Security Council Germany, Infopulse has an opportunity to take part in the following activities:

  • National and international events and panel discussions on cybersecurity
  • Working groups to develop common cybersecurity approaches
  • Collaboration and networking for the identification of new cyber threats
  • Providing advice to decision-makers and corporate leaders
  • Organization of training on cybersecurity
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Studies, analytics, and articles
  • Working out proposals for legislators on cybersecurity provisions

The cyber threats are growing along with technologies, sometimes even outpacing them. The harsh reality is that there is an extensive collaboration between the cyber threat actors. They are no longer lonely wolves. Collaborating saves them time and money. This is why there is an urge for security experts all over the world to unite and collaborate on common security challenges.

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