Infopulse comments on a recent public incident in social media

Infopulse comments on a recent public incident in social media

The other day, an incident took place in the public sphere, which gained a huge resonance. The company's specialist entered a discussion in social networks and expressed controversial opinions regarding russia's war against Ukraine. 

Infopulse LLC declares an uncompromising stance on russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, as well as on the territorial borders of Ukraine, the state language, and Freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty of our state. According to Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the state language of Ukraine is the Ukrainian language. The languages ​​of business communication in our company are English and the languages ​​of the representative countries: Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, and German. 

Infopulse LLC has zero tolerance for any unethical behaviour or misconduct in its activities and requires all specialists to comply with the current legislation of Ukraine and the principles set forth in the company's ethical recommendations – Code of Conduct, which every specialist gets acquainted with and undertakes to adhere to its principles when starting cooperation with the company. 

According to Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone is guaranteed the right to freedom of thought and speech, and to free expression of their views and beliefs. And Infopulse LLC does not regulate the specialists in their expression of their views in social contexts. The company does not have the right to prohibit or limit the exercise by specialists of their right to express their own views and opinions, granted that they are not acting on behalf of the company.  

At the same time all Infopulse specialists in the public sphere are advised not to touch on controversial topics and not to make statements that can be considered as manifestations of hate speech and incitement of conflict in the Infopulse community and in civil society. 

At Infopulse, we do not allow violations of the Code of Conduct and take seriously any non-compliance with it and breach of rules related to it. In case of violation of the Code of Conduct, the company takes all appropriate measures. And in this particular case all corresponding actions have already been taken, Compliance case has been initiated.  

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, Infopulse LLC has been involved in the defence of the Ukrainian state by actively supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Some of our specialists have joined territorial defence units and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Infopulse community is united by a proactive volunteer movement, and in the last 9 months the specialists, together with the company, have raised and transferred more than UAH 8.15 million to the needs of the army. Moreover, since February 2022, the response of Infopulse specialists to requests to help the defenders of Ukraine has amounted to more than UAH 26.3 million. 

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