Infopulse joins the Holland FinTech Association network

Infopulse Becomes Member of Holland FinTech


Effective from August 1st, 2023, Infopulse is a member of Holland FinTech – an organization that has been uniting all actors in the financial value chain in the Netherlands since 2014. Holland FinTech provides access to knowledge, a network, investment, and talent to 300+ members with the mission of enabling businesses and consumers to profit from innovation.  

This membership is yet another step toward the solidification of Infopulse’s commitment to the strategic market of the Netherlands and a wider Benelux region. With a strong focus on innovation and digitalization of the Dutch fintech sector, Holland FinTech is instrumental for Infopulse to establish itself locally as a trusted business partner.

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For us, Holland FinTech is the prime gateway to the players in the Dutch fintech scene as well as a firsthand source of insights on the local fintech and startup ecosystem. Strengthening our commitment to the Dutch market, we will be both attending and organizing industry events to integrate further into the Dutch business community and help local companies to implement their IT ambitions. Being in Holland FinTech gives us the opportunity to open more doors and show that we are here to stay and ready to build trustful relationships with three decades of digital transformation experience under our belt.
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Wouter Wytenburg
Managing Director of Infopulse in the Netherlands

With a local presence in the Netherlands, Infopulse is already planning to make the most of the membership through events hosted at the Holland FinTech platform, enhancing the media visibility of its experts, engaging closely with the Dutch fintech thought leaders at the monthly Holland FinTech meetups, and more.

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